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Looking back… Day 17.

    As I mentioned in my post earlier, today was a special day.  My little brother turned thirty eight, and since he is on vacation and I was off from work, I asked if we could spend the day together. With our very different job schedules, we rarely get to share that much time,…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 17.

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Looking back… Day 9.

  If there is something I wish I’ll keep until the day I leave this world, it is the gift of keeping in touch with my inner child. I like being impressed by little things. I like seeing the beauty in little things. I like feeling the magic in little things. As I said in…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 9.

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Christmas morning… #1MinFiction

  To say that he’s kept his inner child well alive would have been an euphemism. The alarm clock hadn’t even rung when he rushed down, straight to the Christmas tree. I was sipping on my morning coffee with Mom and Dad in the living room when he came tumbling down the stairs… Honey, you…… Continue reading Christmas morning… #1MinFiction