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Peculiar visit… (Part 2)



You can read the first part here.


Lost in his thoughts, Christian had been staring at the appearance in his doorway long enough to make anyone totally uncomfortable. Yet she stood still, apparently not bothered the least bit.

Are you going to invite me in? Because, if that’s not the plan, I’d recommend you go and get your coat and boots… It is freezing tonight!

Her gaze moved to the side, as she swept snowflakes from her shoulders. Christian cleared his throat and finally managed to let a handful of words out.

I’m so sorry… Laura, isn’t it? Please, please, come in!

Turning around after closing the door, he suddenly realized that it was the first time in months that a lady entered his lair. Aside from his women friends, of course… And he had a lot of them. It seemed like he had lived the past couple of years in a permanent friendzone.

Perhaps, the mysterious Laura had come to his rescue, and he might escape at long last. But it was a little early for that, and Christian turned his attention back to his special guest.

May I take your coat?

She politely agreed and turned her back to him, and while pulling the coat from her shoulders, his fingertips brushed against Laura’s heavenly soft skin, unlocking feelings he had almost forgotten about.

He pointed towards the living room, where the burning fire was warming the apartment, with its amber shadows reflexions.

Make yourself comfortable, I’ll get the wine… Do you prefer red or white?

Laura grinned, sitting on the couch.

Red… I’m not much of a white wine gal.

Christian rushed back with his best bottle, and two glasses, and crashed on the sofa, close enough but at a safe distance, not to scare his precious guest. Pouring the crimson nectar into the glasses… He risked a question that burnt his lips.

You do know that I could accuse you of harassing me, right?

He took a long sip, awaiting Laura’s answer.

She grinned again, obviously not shaken by the blunt accusation. She had indeed text-messaged him one-too-many times, before he had agreed to meet with her.

Oh, sure… But given that you deliberately gave me your adress, and invited me in… I doubt that you could call the cops on me. Or that you’d even want to do it.

She was clever. And oh so pretty.

Tell me. Why did you insist to meet with me?

Christian took a long sip, waiting for the answer. Laura mimicked him, buying some time.

I am your daughter!

He chocked on his sip.

To be continued…

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