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The Block…

  Waaaaaaaaaaaalter!!  WALTER!! The old man didn’t bother answering his wife’s call, knowing that her hearing was as bad as she was loud, in general. She had probably deafened her own self, over the years. That thought amused him, and he walked to her chair by the window with a smirk. Yes, Darlin’, what is…… Continue reading The Block…

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Just a walk – FFFC

    When she had answered the door, he simply stood there, all smiles. She felt her toes curling, at the sight of the tall silhouette. He usually would have helped himself in, not bothering to wait until she’d come to welcome him. His sudden politeness worried her a bit. Taking a step back, she…… Continue reading Just a walk – FFFC

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Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

    The alarm clock said 7:23, when Maya’s crying woke Steven up. He brushed his fingers on the buttons to turn off the clock. Oh how he longed for the day he would actually get woken by the alarm. Was wanting to sleep four hours straight really too much to ask  for? He rolled…… Continue reading Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

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The hermit – part 2

  Her black nails contrasted with the bright white bathroom sink porcelain. She rubbed the soap frantically on her palms, and the scented foam dripped from her shaking fingers. Her hands were long clean, but she couldn’t just turn off the water and go on with the rest of her day. This was ridiculous. She…… Continue reading The hermit – part 2

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Mountain man… (Part two)

Previously posted May 27th 2016.   You were standing in the living room. -You are not  coming. You stayed still. No twitch, no pouting, not even the beginning of a question as to why I didn’t want you to tag along. To say the truth, I probably would have been disapointed in your lack of…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part two)

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My Odense garden… Part 2

Walk a garden once, your are a visitor. Walk it twice, and you belong there… Oooh… Ooohhh…Who are you? – Coo the turtledoves on the neighbour’s rooftop. Who am I? Good question. A passer by… An observer. An alien in motion, watching, listening, feeling, tasting everything so foreign. Even if I have walked the streets…… Continue reading My Odense garden… Part 2