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Just a walk – FFFC




When she had answered the door, he simply stood there, all smiles.

She felt her toes curling, at the sight of the tall silhouette. He usually would have helped himself in, not bothering to wait until she’d come to welcome him. His sudden politeness worried her a bit. Taking a step back, she waved to let him in.

Hummm. Nah… Why don’t you get your jacket, we could go for a walk, maybe?

She nodded, sure, a walk. Why not? She put her spring coat on, swung her purse over her shoulder and picked her keys from the hook before skipping her way down the few stairs.

Where are we going?

He galantly offered her his arm, as his only answer.

For hours, they walked, and talked. Strangely he seemed interested in any subject other than that of his last call. Leaning against each other, strolling down the streets, she tried to realize that this was really happening. Never before had they been in the other’s bubble. It felt natural, promising, yet oh so scary.

The sun was almost set, when he stopped in front of an old massive bricked building. She felt this was their mysterious destination.

St-Willibrord School?

Suddenly, he looked nervous.

Yeah… I, hum, that was my school, back in the days…

She frowned interrogatively, and noticed his hands, knotted into each other.

St-Will? No way! (She let out a loud burst of laughter) That’s where they raise the riches’ offspring!! 

He nodded, and pulled her close. Her following questions were muffled by his sweater, and he bent to her ear to whisper who his father was, and that she couldn’t have guessed, since he had taken his mother’s name.

Of course she knew the old man!

I told you I’d be a good pretender…

Holy fuck!!





Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge – You can read the first part of this story here.

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