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Liberty Theatre – FFFC

  Bernie turned the ”Open-Closed” sign over, in the window. His cinema wasn’t exactly what most people expected nowadays, with the big chain restaurants and the arcades to entertain kids while waiting for the screening. But it was just perfect for him. The movie theatre was almost in ruins, when he had saved it. The…… Continue reading Liberty Theatre – FFFC

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Over the bridge – FFFC

    Do you remember how long it used to take, to walk to you back then, Darling? The old man looked around, and ran trembling fingers through his white beard, obviously moved by the view. Sitting on a bench, he enjoyed the scenery from the bridge for the very first time. For some reason,…… Continue reading Over the bridge – FFFC

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Just a dream? – FFFC

  When she suddenly awoke, trembling from head to toes, Vohne had the reflex to hold her tighter, pressing her face to his chest. Shhh, shhhh, Love… It was just a bad dream. Rocking Cibelle softly, already regretting saying that, he knew that she could hardly find any nightmare comparable to what they were living,…… Continue reading Just a dream? – FFFC

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Family business – FFFC

    Lying down on his stomach, his face resting on the burning sand, all he could see, beside the dune’s slope and the cloudless sky were the silhouettes of the two guys who had brought him that far into the desert. He had been uncounscious for most of the ride, and had absolutely no…… Continue reading Family business – FFFC

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Unexpected help – FFFC

    They had left so early in the morning, that they had walked in complete darkness most of the way, so far. For the first time in his life, Vohne had wished the sun wouldn’t rise above the horizon. He knew Cibelle was probably capable of postponing dawn. Unfortunately, that would mean losing energy…… Continue reading Unexpected help – FFFC

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The catch – FFFC

    Ok, so we’re going on the count of three, Frank. 1… 2… 3! Forcing the door of the chic condo, the two officers walked in, holding their guns nervously. They could have heard a fly buzzing around. Of course, they didn’t expect her to be waiting for them legs crossed, sipping on a…… Continue reading The catch – FFFC

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Secret meeting – FFFC

    He suddenly wondered how long he had been waiting there. His shadow was slowly getting longer on the sidewalk below him, sign that the sun was setting. He was right where they had agreed to meet. Of that, he was absolutely sure. And she had insisted in meeting him there… It was her…… Continue reading Secret meeting – FFFC