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A taste of paradise… – FFFC

    By far, this was her favorite spot. The sunsets were simply amazing from this rocky peninsula stretching in the middle of the sea. Every evening, she made sure to make her way to her favorite stone, the flat and smooth one right by this awkward tree growing in feet deep of salty waters.…… Continue reading A taste of paradise… – FFFC

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Head or tail… – FFFC

    If she had gotten a nickle every time she had told someone she was cursed when it came to choose between two very simple options, she would have been rich beyond reason by now. People probably thought she was just trying to be interesting. As a matter of facts, Murphy and his annoying…… Continue reading Head or tail… – FFFC

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Secret meeting… – FFFC

    Leaning against one of the colomns, he awaited patiently. She had never stood him up, and he just knew she would show up this time again… It was just a matter of time. Still, she had never been this late in the past. As a matter of fact, she was usually the one…… Continue reading Secret meeting… – FFFC

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Blue hour… – FFFC

  She loved this time of day. These precious minutes when the sun wasn’t quite gone and the moon not quite risen… Probably hoping to meet in this sweet dimmed in-between. She sat on the porch of her little home, silent, open hearted and wide eyed. Suddenly, she could feel the warmth of the past…… Continue reading Blue hour… – FFFC

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Train ride… – FFFC

    Damn, if she had known the weather would be so hot, she would have postponed the trip a bit. Holding to her bottle of water, she wondered if she should ration herself. It was going to be a long ride… to say the least. It’s such a lovely day, wouldn’t you say? We’ve…… Continue reading Train ride… – FFFC

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Baby blue… – FFFC

    Holding his phone in the air as if it would help him, he peeked at the screen. She had warned him, but he still had trouble believing there were still places on this planet where he couldn’t get a signal. Oh come on… I’m already 45 minutes late, for Christ’s sake!! He had…… Continue reading Baby blue… – FFFC

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Eagle Cliff’s Mountains… – FFFC

    Gretta picked the folded ad she had kept in her wallet. Putting on her reading glasses, she read aloud, standing in the middle of the spacious living room. Centannial original house, far out in the Eagle Cliff’s mountains. Perfect for handy people and nature lovers. Three bedrooms, well equiped kitchen and cute washroom…… Continue reading Eagle Cliff’s Mountains… – FFFC

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Neighbourhood gossip… – FFFC

  She was sitting on the bench in front of the store when the old lady slowly walked her way. You young lady aren’t from the neighbourhood, are you?? I would know, I lived around the corner for the last 73 years… I’ve pretty much seen everybody here either get born or die. And I…… Continue reading Neighbourhood gossip… – FFFC

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Margaret… – FFFC

    Walter pushed the books aside, on the table, and opened the computer. A couple of weeks back, his grand children had put together the money to offer him a brand new laptop for his eightieth birthday. Billy, his eldest grandson had created a Facebook page for him. Walter had disagreed at first, but…… Continue reading Margaret… – FFFC

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I love you… – FFFC

  He could hear the noise around, but his ears were buzzing. It had started with an innocent chat at his signing session downtown, when his latest book had come out. She was rather charming, though a little intense. He had been doing well with his two previous novels, but not the kind of success…… Continue reading I love you… – FFFC