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All roads lead to… – FFFC

You really should stop feeding these flyin’ rats, Ian! The two old men sat on the bench, just as they did pretty much every day the weather allowed them to. The park was the perfect spot, to say the least, to keep an eye on all the neighbourhood’s whereabouts. And keeping up to date with…… Continue reading All roads lead to… – FFFC

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Blurry… – FFFC

    She had been holding the picture for a while now, and her lack of reaction spoke loudly. He thought about pleading the uniqueness of the shot, the very artistic angle one could see in it. But he still had a will to live, so he settled with just shutting up, and letting her…… Continue reading Blurry… – FFFC

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The sign… – FFFC

    It had been days now. Days of terror, living with an unknown threat. At first, the whole village had tried to keep things going, probably hoping that the fury would stop just as it had begun. Overnight, and leaving them unhurt. When they had wakened up, one morning, to find that three of…… Continue reading The sign… – FFFC

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Mystery encounter… – FFFC

    I’ll always remember that evening. It was late, very late at night… An so very foggy, even for that time of the year. The street lights were casting cotton candy like halos on the road, and my gaze danced from one to the next as if I had not ridden there hundreds of…… Continue reading Mystery encounter… – FFFC

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Unexpected visitor… – FFFC

  The smell of the freshly brewed coffee filled the room, as Roger walked about, preparing a lavish breakfast in the kitchen. The sun had just peeked over the horizon, and Roger still couldn’t understand how he had lived his whole life hoping he could stay in bed later, until his retirement day. Now, he…… Continue reading Unexpected visitor… – FFFC

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Morning visit… – FFF

  When he opened the door, the muzzle of a hand gun awaited him, at eyes’ height. Oh, hello Sweetheart! He was expecting her, just not this early. She was stunning, as usual, and even if the colt was still pointed at his head, all he could think of, was how amazing it was, that…… Continue reading Morning visit… – FFF

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Nature Morte… – FFFC

  He sat on his stool, in a corner of the room. Waiting for the exact moment when the light would enter the large window with just the right angle… This perfect, though ephemeral, light that would flatter every curve of her fragile silhouette. People thought of him as a genius. The idea amused him,…… Continue reading Nature Morte… – FFFC

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A taste of paradise… – FFFC

    By far, this was her favorite spot. The sunsets were simply amazing from this rocky peninsula stretching in the middle of the sea. Every evening, she made sure to make her way to her favorite stone, the flat and smooth one right by this awkward tree growing in feet deep of salty waters.…… Continue reading A taste of paradise… – FFFC

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Head or tail… – FFFC

    If she had gotten a nickle every time she had told someone she was cursed when it came to choose between two very simple options, she would have been rich beyond reason by now. People probably thought she was just trying to be interesting. As a matter of facts, Murphy and his annoying…… Continue reading Head or tail… – FFFC

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Secret meeting… – FFFC

    Leaning against one of the colomns, he awaited patiently. She had never stood him up, and he just knew she would show up this time again… It was just a matter of time. Still, she had never been this late in the past. As a matter of fact, she was usually the one…… Continue reading Secret meeting… – FFFC