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Camelia… – FFFC


Checking his cell phone, he noticed that it was about time to start.

There were a few people late at their meeting point, but his website was very clear about that. They could always catch the group later, using the downloadable map online.

Alright people! My name is Chris and I’ll be your guide today… First, let me thank you for choosing ”Backstreet Art”! The weather’s on our side today, we should have a wonderful time. Now, a quick round, where are you from?

It was quite a heteroclit gang, with people from North of the border, a couple from Europe, a man from Russia and a family from Hong Kong. He waved for them to follow, and he started talking about the history of the neighbourghood while walking them to the first street art piece.

He knew how to entertain his flock as they wandered the streets. There was much picture-taking, and many Ooohs and Aaaahs.

As they arrived in front of the last stop of the tour, he took a deep breath.

And last but certainly not least, here is a very important piece for the local community. This is Camelia… Camelia was a young girl from the neighbourhood. She was really well known, despite her young age. Camelia spent most of her free time in senior homes, because she had lost all of  her grand parents before birth. For many elderly people of our community, she was a ray of light. Unfortunately… She got killed by a lost bullet five years ago. All of our local artists joined in to create this portait as an hommage to Camelia.

All of Chris’ customers started snaping shots of the wide-eyed girl on the wall. The story was invented from beginning to end, but it always brought him extra tips.

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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