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Cyranny’s quickie!


Which sense could you live without?

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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Lessee here…five senses: Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It’s tough to choose, I rely on all of them actually. I am almost phobic of losing my sight, so that one’s out. I already am losing my hearing, so that’s an option, but I don’t relish not being able to hear (and hearing aids? What a joke. The one I have drives me nuts now..) Taste? I fancy myself a poor man’s gourmet, so what would life be without taste? Oh the horrors! Smell ties in with taste. If you can’t smell something, apparently your sense of taste goes away with the scent. Fandango could explain better, he has or had the phenomenon occur with him. Touch? I’m losing my sense of touch to diabetic neuropathy, so that’s also a possibility. There are people in the world who are born without the sense of touch and they have to be ultra-careful because they don’t feel pain in the same way the rest of us do. They can be severely injured and never realize until it’s too late. One though? (this isn’t quick is it?) I suppose taste (and along with it smell). Two-fer. Losing any of the others is unthinkable!


  2. II am surprised at how many people seem to live without common sense these days – am I tempted to give it a try? Nope!

    I am so tempted to say smell because of working in medical care.

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