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Girls talk… – FFFC


Vanessa let herself drop on the comfy sofa, reached for her scotch, and took a long sip.

Her bestfriend was standing in the middle of the living room. She was pretending to give the painting a long, appreciative look, but Vanessa knew her better than that. Knocking off her high heels, she rubbed her soar feet.

You don’t need to bother, Chrissy. I can see your shoulders shaking!

The blonde burst out with laughter, and helped herself to one of the big red velvety arm chairs. She was trying to appologize, but her uncontrollable giggles cancelled any possible feeling of guilt.

Seriously girl… (more giggles, sip of wine) Really, you let him buy this??

Nathan had recently found himself a ”passion” for visual art. And he sure thought he had an eye to spot underdog artists, that would, or so he thought, make it big. She begged to differ, and apparently, so did Chrissy. Vanessa sighed.

What can I say? He went to this exhibition and thought that the guy was the new Van Gogh. According to him, ”this” is an investment.

Chrissy peeked at the art piece, and just shook her head.

Still rubbing her aching toes, Vanessa kept silent. Nathe was burning their well earned money on stupid art pieces. She tried to make sense out of it…

But he’s so pretty, and sooooo sweet!

Chrissy gave her a frown.

You mean, he’s a good fuck…

Vanessa blushed, C knew her well… She looked at the painting again.

Yeah, that too, but he wants to hang ”this” in our bedroom… And may I say that it’s going to lower his chances to score?

Art might become the deal-breaker in between them. She sure didn’t want it, but Vanessa had no clue how to stop this helpless art digging.

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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