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Willy… – FFFC


It had been a lovely day so far, how could it not end well?

Just like any other wednesday, Willy had spent the afternoon playing for the residents of his neighbourhood’s senior home. Nothing like the gigs he and his band had had back in the days… But at least, his strumming fingers and deep voice were still appreciated by the little crowd. And they gave him the (false) impression of still being the young guy he once had been.

Now standing in the park, he couldn’t have felt older.

When he had bumped into Lilly in a café, a couple of weeks prior, he couldn’t believe she recognized, and remembered him. But she seemed to have fond memories of him, and they had exchanged phone numbers after a short chat.

He had first met Lilly when they both were in their early twenties, and they had had a passionate and bumpy love story. But Willy wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, back then, and Lilly had broken up after finding out about a couple of affairs.

He wondered what could have happened if he had been less of a fool, drunk on the little success his band had. Maybe, just maybe, he would find a way to fix in parts what he had boldly broken.

Willy had spoken with Lilly many times over the phone, since their chance encounter.

A bubbly burst of laughter shook him out of his thoughts… There she was, at long last. He smiled from ear to ear.

You must be Sophia…

He handed the young woman the bouquet of roses. And kneeling down, he stretched to give the lilies to the beautiful little girl by her side.

And you must be Ophelia!

The old man teared up. Sophia walked to Willy and hugged him.

Hello… Dad.

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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