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Chéri is not the best at surprising me. He is excellent at finding amazing gifts, but as soon as he orders something, he gets a terrible urge to tell me. Then, even if I tell him that I’d rather wait for the surprise, than letting him tell me what he bought, he’ll give me ”clues”…… Continue reading Surprise!!

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Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…

A very warm bath! See… A couple of days ago, Chéri came to my office (AKA our bedroom) to tell me that we didn’t have hot water anymore. I thought he just hadn’t let it run long enough, the weather being so cold lately. Unfortunately, Chéri was right, and so it seems like our water…… Continue reading Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…

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Willy… – FFFC

It had been a lovely day so far, how could it not end well? Just like any other wednesday, Willy had spent the afternoon playing for the residents of his neighbourhood’s senior home. Nothing like the gigs he and his band had had back in the days… But at least, his strumming fingers and deep…… Continue reading Willy… – FFFC

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Just like a needle in a haystack!!

  Australia isn’t quite a neighbour. As a matter of fact, it is the farthest country from Canada. So we usually don’t get much information about it on the news, unless the country is burning down, or something like that. But this morning, a clip of the following video came up in between the weather…… Continue reading Just like a needle in a haystack!!

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  Putting on her best smile, she adressed the reflection in the mirror. Ok my dear… What are we going for, today? The blonde knew what she wanted, which was refreshing. She hated having to go through every album and fashion catalogue, trying to find the look. Look that pretty much never fitted either the client’s…… Continue reading Next!

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No Skypy Friday tonight…

Dear Lovelies, I know I normally would be preparing to open my Skypy Friday chatroom, but I just got back from the office, and I feel too meh to host a meeting that’s supposed to be light and fun. I knew when my boss sent me the message, You have to go to the office in…… Continue reading No Skypy Friday tonight…

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He couldn’t remember the last time he had left work early on a Friday… And he intended on enjoying every minute, when the wife called. Hey there Hon!… She seemed out of breath. The kids have started arriving for Millie’s birthday and I just got a call… There was some kind of misunderstanding, and you have to…… Continue reading U-Turn…

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She loved doing this. Her prank required two things… Sneakers, preferably of bright colors. And the perfect spot. She could spend days looking for it. This path was ideal… Pedestrians chose it to walk their dogs, or for their daily jogging. The weather was amazing, and the shoes awaited the first passersby. A man walked…… Continue reading Surprise!