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Good evening, dear Lovelies, I hope this finds you doing well! After last Monday’s first snow storm, I really thought that the white carpet would quickly melt down. We usually wait until mid-December to get lasting snow. But it is still there, and we’re about to get a second layer, so… I guess we can…… Continue reading Cyra-newz!

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Good evening, dear Lovelies, I hope this finds you doing well! Here, things are pretty good, and after a couple of weeks working normal business hours, I am getting used to a new and more normal routine. I am cooking a lot more, sleeping at more reasonable hours, and all in all, I think it…… Continue reading Cyra-newz!

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Welcome back! – FFFC

    She thought she had heard the SUV in the driveway, but she might have been wrong. It was getting longer to get through customs, and he had probably caught quite a bit of traffic on his way home. Just as she was about to almost pity him, the primal scream resonated outside, making…… Continue reading Welcome back! – FFFC

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Beach time…

  This place is just insane! She knew Elizabeth would love it. Her best friend since their early childhood, she still lived inland, and hadn’t been at the beach in years. It was so sunny and warm, it would have been a sin to stay inside on such a beautiful day. Carol spread the blanket…… Continue reading Beach time…

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Unexpected twist…

  Last weekend, Life had quite a surprise in store for me. Every family has a story, and mine is no exception. I’m not saying that it is worth reading, but as un-glamorous as it is, it is special in its own way. Mom’s mother got married twice. At first sight, this isn’t odd at…… Continue reading Unexpected twist…