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Blown kisses… – FFFC

. Dear Josh, It has been a while, hasn’t it? I bet you weren’t expecting news from me anymore… Especially after parting ways in such abrupt ways. Maybe I should appologize for that, but I’m not big on excuses. At least, not anymore. Life is good here. I wish I could send you pictures, but…… Continue reading Blown kisses… – FFFC

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Sophia… – FFFC

. Oh, you’re already up, Sweetie? At the sound of her voice, Connor stepped up with surprise. Rubbing his palms over his not quite awake face, he was about to speak up when she continued. I made some coffee, and you have a pile of pancakes in the microwave, hun. Don’t forget to get eggs…… Continue reading Sophia… – FFFC

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Special delivery!

. We hade many, many many many things delivered to our door the past couple of weeks. But nothing comparable to this morning’s special delivery. I’ve already told you about G. She joined our work team just before the beginning of the pandemic, and we bonded over the months, and met in person twice, since…… Continue reading Special delivery!

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Happy birthday!

. Today was a special day. Especially since last year, it wasn’t special at all. No, you know what? I take that back. It was special, just in a very ironic and somewhat boring way. Because Chéri turned 40, in 2020, and one’s 40s, in French translates into ”la quarantaine”. The funny thing is that…… Continue reading Happy birthday!

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New face…

. If you are a regular in The Cove, you’ve probably noticed my weekly invitation to our Skypy Friday meetings. A little over a year and a half ago, I had the idea of hosting these chat sessions, after a couple of months of being trapped into my apartment because of you-know-what (if you don’t……… Continue reading New face…

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Chéri is not the best at surprising me. He is excellent at finding amazing gifts, but as soon as he orders something, he gets a terrible urge to tell me. Then, even if I tell him that I’d rather wait for the surprise, than letting him tell me what he bought, he’ll give me ”clues”…… Continue reading Surprise!!

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Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…

A very warm bath! See… A couple of days ago, Chéri came to my office (AKA our bedroom) to tell me that we didn’t have hot water anymore. I thought he just hadn’t let it run long enough, the weather being so cold lately. Unfortunately, Chéri was right, and so it seems like our water…… Continue reading Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…

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Willy… – FFFC

It had been a lovely day so far, how could it not end well? Just like any other wednesday, Willy had spent the afternoon playing for the residents of his neighbourhood’s senior home. Nothing like the gigs he and his band had had back in the days… But at least, his strumming fingers and deep…… Continue reading Willy… – FFFC