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Dove duet…



Since the very beginning of the pandemic, Chéri and I have been feeding our neighbourhood’s wild birds.

It took a couple of weeks before getting our first sparrow visitors. Sparrows are very common in our area, and it just felt normal that they were the first to squat our bird-feeders.

Little by little, we got all kinds of species to join in for the feast. And the last two years now, cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, tits, and starlings have been showing up on a regular basis, to snack or just rest on one of our balconies.

Not mentionning all of Bob’s family (we conveniently call all squirrels Bob).

This morning I heard some noise coming from the roof over our front balcony. I rushed to the window (any entertainment is good entertainment!), and watched a tiny silhouette clumsily making its way along the edge of the translucid green roof.

”Dang Bob!” I thought.

Because Bob does act as a professional tightrope-walker.

So I moved to the living room’s window, expecting Bob’s furry face to pop out any second. And to my complete surprise, instead of it, one feathery fellow showed up, closely followed by a second one.

”DOVES!!” I didn’t quite shout, not wanting to scare my new guests.

Chéri seemed puzzled at first.

I pointed out the window, while looking for my phone to try to take pictures of our lovely couple. A dove couple… Just last weekend we had been talking about how rare a sight they had become over the years.

And yet, there they were.

I don’t know if doves have a similar meaning where you live, but here, it is said that doves bring happiness to the home they perch on.

And now these two beautiful birds know that they can get a good snack and a sip of clean water here, anytime they please.

I just hope that it will be enough to make them come back.

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