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Sophia… – FFFC



Oh, you’re already up, Sweetie?

At the sound of her voice, Connor stepped up with surprise. Rubbing his palms over his not quite awake face, he was about to speak up when she continued.

I made some coffee, and you have a pile of pancakes in the microwave, hun. Don’t forget to get eggs when you’ll go grocerie shopping. I took the last ones.

Connor looked around him. Everything was neatly arranged in the room, and a fresh lemon smell floated in the air. He wasn’t terribly messy, but he certainly hadn’t spent the night rubbing the floors and dusting the top shelves.

Oh, I hope you don’t mind that I cleaned a little while waiting for you to get out of bed. I just like it when everything is Spic & Span…

The young man pulled a chair from the kitchen table, and sat down. Staring at her comfortably sitting on the sofa, sipping on her mug of whatever she had made herself, he weighed his words.


She raised an eyebrow, obviously not understanding the accusing tone in Connor’s voice.

Sophia… I appreciate what you’ve done. But you really have to give me back the key double to my apartment. It’s been two months since we broke up now…

Sophia pouted, and reached into her pocket. Grabbing her jacket and purse, she walked passed Connor, and left the metal piece on the table.

The door slammed. She was gone… But it was the wrong key.

Yet again.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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