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Special delivery!



We hade many, many many many things delivered to our door the past couple of weeks.

But nothing comparable to this morning’s special delivery.

I’ve already told you about G. She joined our work team just before the beginning of the pandemic, and we bonded over the months, and met in person twice, since then.

G is an amazing baker. And she makes all kinds of sweet treats for her loved ones before the Holidays. I’ve followed her through all of her baking through Internet exchanges, and one day she said ”Are you available for a special delivery on December 28th?”

I was surprised she had put Chรฉri and I on her list, and I assured her I’d take time off work to spend a moment with her on our downstair’s balcony.

This morning, she texted me… ”We’re theeeeeere!”

I made sure I was offline, so that my phone wouldn’t pick any call, and I ran downstairs.

Here’s what I found in the two boxes she handed me with a wide smile;



Pecan and caramel cookies





All kinds of sweet treats ๐Ÿ™‚


I must say, although I’ve always said I don’t have a sweet tooth, she might have changed that. Everything, from the nanaimo bars, to the chocolate truffles looks (and tastes, I did dig in LOL) soooo good.

I was glad I had a surprise for her too. Well, not for her per se. But her cute Australian sheppard was accompanying her, and we had a ”little” gift for him. I’ll quote the petshop, who tagged the gift as a ”dinosaur bone”.

He seemed happy with our choice, but I’ll let you judge.



To me, this is what makes this time of year so special. The selfless giving and taking. I hope you are enjoying it too! We’re still just the 28th of December, enjoy the rest of your Holidays…

I know I will…

I send you all lots of love. I know we all need it these days. Accept it, and share it. It can only do good around us all ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Special delivery!

  1. It’s so important that we continue to look after each other. Not only when things go totally wrong and we actually need the help, but also when we don’t need it per se but just want to make each other (and our pets!) feel good. Love this. Keep doing what you do. Spread the love!


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