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Blown kisses… – FFFC



Dear Josh,

It has been a while, hasn’t it? I bet you weren’t expecting news from me anymore… Especially after parting ways in such abrupt ways. Maybe I should appologize for that, but I’m not big on excuses. At least, not anymore.

Life is good here. I wish I could send you pictures, but I have this weird feeling that it wouldn’t be a wise idea. Let’s just say that you don’t have to worry for me the least bit. I’ve never been so tanned before in my life, and I already forgot what it is to shiver because of the freezing winter bites.

Everything here, is good. The fabulous food, the wonderful people. I found a small, discreet apartment, just above an old couple’s house. You know how I just ”click” with people? Come to think about it, they never even asked where I came from, or what had brought me to their doorstep.

I guess I was just meant to end up here.

Thank you for that. Had you not been the asshole that you indeed are, I probably would still be preparing dinner every night, not even knowing if you’d show up. I probably still would be putting up with your bullshit. To remain Mrs Someone’s. To ride your precious Mercedes to the mall, to go shopping with your associates’ wifes. To live in our fancy house.

Oh, and about the house… I wish I could feel sorry for burning it down before disappearing from your life, but I don’t. When you ripped the divorce papers in my face, I just thought that if I couldn’t get it, neither should you. It is a shame, though. It was a nice place.

Still, I must admit, that was an impulsive decision. I really thought that revealing your affairs with Alexander and Travis’ lovely wives (women talk, Josh… But you know that now, right?), and getting you kicked out of the firm, was a fair enough a punishment for making my life so miserable.

But what can I say? Even after that, you remained a greedy, pityful man.

So, yeah, I did empty every bank account you had given me access to. And a couple you were hiding from me. Unfortunately for you, leaving me alone during these long evenings, gave me more than enough time to hook up with people willing to help me bleed you from every penny we could squeeze out, if I was ready to give them a fair percentage of the loot.

I guess we could say that Karma is my middle name. And I do hope you learnt your lesson.

If you didn’t, shame on you.

Oh, you might wonder why I am finally writing to you today? Call me romantic, but if the above-mentionned events hadn’t happened, we would have celebrated our 15th Anniversary today. Instead of that, I’ll be spending my day bathing in the sea, and enjoying my new life. And you’ll be worrying about tomorrow, something I’ll never do again.


Finally, just in case… Don’t even think about tracing me back. Good friends of mine are traveling abroad tomorrow. They will make sure to get this to you.

I wish you all the best, as long as you stay away from me.

Blown kisses,



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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