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Letter to my 2020 self.

Simon, from Planet Simon, gave me this idea. Each year, he writes a letter for himself, to forget about and re-open the next turn of year. I think it is a great way to keep track of one’s goals, and see how you have grown through the year… I decided to try it out. So here…… Continue reading Letter to my 2020 self.

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Too late a letter…

  Dear you, I spent the afternoon with this very dear friend of yours, I know you know who I mean. Before this week, I hadn’t met with her in twenty five years, but it felt like we had parted just yesterday. I didn’t know her that well back then. Not anywhere near as much…… Continue reading Too late a letter…

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The hermit – part 4

  The rain flickered against the window pane. She lay naked in bed. How long had she been there? She had no idea. She rarely peeked at the clock, except on Thursdays, when her weekly groceries were to be delivered, and on Saturday mornings, of course. She didn’t need to count or keep track of…… Continue reading The hermit – part 4

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Run, run as fast as you can…

A little while back, Trina asked for a little help. A child in nursery, in Stirling, UK, is playing a fun game with the kids, and I couldn’t resist participating. It is just too cute! In short, they made gingerbread men with the kids, and pretended that one of them escaped the nursery and ran…… Continue reading Run, run as fast as you can…

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Merci, merci, merci!!

  Hello Lovelies, This will be short. (I know, I know… I always say that, and it’s never really short in the end… But this time, it will be!) Seventh of an eight days stretch at work, and we received some exciting news, just this afternoon. One of my (fewer and fewer) co-workers will go…… Continue reading Merci, merci, merci!!

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Did I ever mention how awesome Danes are??

I know.. I know… There are a**holes everywhere on the planet. I am aware of that. There are a couple of those in Denmark too, but I have a feeling Danes will find a way to cure them, if they haven’t already! Ok, what is this all about, you might wonder? Well well well, my…… Continue reading Did I ever mention how awesome Danes are??

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After Eight Moments…

Christmas will have a Danish taste this year… And it starts tomorrow! *Excited like a little girl*  Thank you, dear friend!       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.