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Kind Hearted Challenge – June Edition

  Hello Lovelies! June is coming in just two weeks, and with it, a brand new and very special Kind Hearted Challenge. The reason I am telling you about it ahead of time, is that it will take a little bit of preparation, if you choose to accept the challenge. June’s edition is special because,…… Continue reading Kind Hearted Challenge – June Edition

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Hooves’ thunder…

    When her mother woke up, with the sunset, she had already been sitting by the window for hours. The night before, she had rushed back to the village. It was late, and she had been nervous to say the least, walking all by herself for the first time, in the middle of the…… Continue reading Hooves’ thunder…

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Still waiting…

  It wasn’t an easy task, to take care of this house all by herself. She was used to being in charge of the cleaning, and the kitchen was definately her kingdom… But he usually helped her, making sure she never ran out of wood for the old stove, and he spent time every day…… Continue reading Still waiting…

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The letter…

  It had been weeks since the two men had left the village. She sat in a corner of the room and brushed her fingers on the still unopened letter. She wished she could have shared this moment with her mother, wether the news locked in the fragile envelope were good or bad. Unfortunately, someone…… Continue reading The letter…

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Bad neighbour… Bad!!

  Dear US, Just a short note to tell you that I’m not too impressed with you, lately… It sadens me, because I dearly love many of your people. But you’re not being fairplay, and knowing how things are going all around the world, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yesterday, the news reported that…… Continue reading Bad neighbour… Bad!!

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Kind Hearted Challenge – February Edition

  Happy first day of February, Lovelies! As you might know, I have skipped a couple of months, but I do believe in the importance of making a positive difference in other people’s lives, so here is your brand new Kind Hearted Challenge!   What is the Kind Hearted Challenge about? It is really simple……… Continue reading Kind Hearted Challenge – February Edition

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Surprise, surprise!

  In two days, the first edition of the¬†Kind Hearted Challenge¬†will come to an end. I didn’t expect to get a letter myself, but the above was awaiting me, in my mailbox this afternoon. I doubt Life could have picked a better time to deliver it to my door. This morning I was sitting on…… Continue reading Surprise, surprise!