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Dear WordPress…




Dear WordPress,

We’ve been good friends for almost 5 years now, and quite honestly, I’ve put up with your occasional glitches because that’s what friends do. I tried to find them endearing, thinking you had character and did things your way.

So you can imagine how excited I was this morning when I found this little note you had left me during my sleep, simply saying something like ”All of your blogs have been switched to the Block Editor now… Enjoy!!”

I’ll tell you, there’s nothing just like getting a new, unwanted editor shoved down your throat to start the day. I thought about writing you a quick ”Thank you” note as soon as I got the news, but I had to skip my way to work first.

Now that my shift is over, I should be doing the same old thing as usual, which is laying down a few thoughts on virtual paper, without having to think much about anything else. Guess what? I’ve spent the last hour looking for options that used to be right where they’ve always been. Exciting, I know…

You wanted to change my blogging life? Well done!! Of course, after some time switching from block (grrr) to classic (still block) and back by mistake, I’m now using the simplest option available. I appreciate that you added buttons I am scared of trying (who knows what I could f*ck up?). I am also grateful that you hid options I used to use daily. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice game of ”Where’s Waldo”, right??

I know, I know… I could get my good old classic editor back, if I had a money-tree, and was in the mood to pay you more dough (because, yeah, I am already paying to have my little lair in the Bloggosphere). When you think about it, it’s brilliant, really! Making people pay for the cheapest editor while forcing everyone else to use an over-complicated version fit for people who are into making their blogs tha super fancy shiat!

Your timing is perfect too. With covid-19 keeping a large number of us home, an extra challenge was probably the little something we needed not to get bored. It wasn’t quite enough that we have to learn to keep businesses running,  with minimal resources at home. And having people ignoring you, just because you can’t walk to their office and ask them why they won’t answer the f*ckin’ phone??

And I have to say… You have balls!! It takes some guts to go against what so many people think. Because it’s not as if it came as a surprise that many of our community didn’t want to switch to your evil block editor… Who cares if some people are too stubborn to fit the mold, right? You sure showed them the way out, and made it really clear that people pleasing was not one of your priorities. Go you, for standing your ground!

I wish I could say I am happy about all this tonight, but you don’t really care anyway, do you?

Now, please take a break. I doubt people like me could take much more blogging experience improvement, for now.

Take care,


P.S. I know you are not big on listening to people, as of lately. So I guess that second degree humor is not your thing either… Just to make it clear, this post was sarcastic.

27 thoughts on “Dear WordPress…

  1. I sent my farewell to wp in August and my farewell to blogging at all this morning. B lock editors, seo non-functionality, adsense popping up every freaking where. It is no longer fun. It is no longer worth the hassle.
    It’s just one of those days.

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    1. Dear Madame Suze, this is without a doubt the main reason why I hate the block editor… The people like you who no longer find fun in blogging because of the change. I’m glad for all the bloggers who adjusted just fine with the new editor, but I still can’t believe we lost people like you, in our great community. And I fear more will go somewhere else or just stop blogging altogether… Take good care, and let’s keep in touch, one way or another.

      Love ya!! *big hugs* xxx


  2. Well said! I hope the “happiness techs” or whatever they are called, all see this. Actually, I hope the head honchos who decided to force this damnable ‘block editor’ on us see this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  3. Lol yeah, I thought I was the only one disliking it. I’m still using it as a means of adapting to change, but there are so many things that the Classic does better. Anyway, I’ve heard that you can use the Classic editor if you manage your site through the wp-admin page, but I just use the Classic block and be done with it. Hoping that WP listens to the feedback of its users!

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    1. Oh Stuart, you’re certainly not alone, and that’s why I keep complaining about it… It seems like WP is trying to make people think they are the only ones, and I’m glad you realize that a LOT of bloggers are against the change too. I’ve tried going through the wp-admin page, but it still gives me problems… For now the classic block editor is what I’m using, hoping enough complaining will get us the choice between block and classic-classic editors back… One can always dream, right?


  4. Well spoken and thanks for the heads up…I haven’t logged on yet. Question: has anyone gotten any type of feed back from these ass holes? I haven’t seen any kind of response anywhere! Sounds like if you ignore it, it will go away.

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    1. Thank you, Larry 🙂 I do believe that the general response to our complaining is something like ”Ok, and why don’t you like our brand new, much improved editor?? It has a thousand better options to offer! Oh, and if you’re too lazy to learn it, you can always use the classic block editor… It’s (almost) the same as the classic editor, or you can buy a business plan and get your beloved editor back” So I guess I’ll just keep ranting for a while… At least if it can annoy them a bit… LOL 😉


  5. Reading this on my phone app through email which doesn’t look or seem different.  Haven’t checked my iPad or reader yet. It seems the same to me but I’m so tech nonsavvy I dont know what versions I have.  I do know I’ve updated twice on my ipad and it’s asking again but I’m ignoring it.😪😯🙃

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  6. I have to speak up in defense of the Block Editor. I have not found it hard to adjust to and have been using it for several months. I like some of the things you can do with it like change the color of the block background and text, move blocks up and down , choose types of blocks etc etc. . That has been useful for me. I am not an IT Wizard just an old woman blogger so if I can use it anyone can. Just sayin’. I hope you can find away to get to grips with it because I would hate to see you and your Cove leave WP.


      1. You have to go into the WordPress settings and set it up turn it on I mean there is a post by email section and you go in there and turn it on enable it and then you’re given a specific email address that you post your work into one to post everything to that address it should work if you can even put tags and passwords the post and stuff you just have to learn off the shortcut keys to put into the email

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      2. I don’t know how long this’ll last, but I discovered by accident that if I save a post as a draft, it’ll give me the option of using the classic editor. Problem solved–at least until they close that door on me.

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