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Do you still think they’ll come? Luke picked up his cup of coffee to take a sip. The beverage had run cold, and he put it back on the big log. I doubt it, Mark… But maybe they just got delayed. For two whole hours, without even texting them. They had met the girls online……… Continue reading Rendez-vous…

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When not able to go to Denmark, let Denmark come to you! I have been waiting for Druk (”drunk” in English) for a long time, now. The filming of new Danish movie starring Mads Mikkelsen had been delayed, back in May of 2019, when the director’s daughter was killed in a car accident. Ida was Thomas Vinterberg’s…… Continue reading Druk!

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Purchase – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is PURCHASE Write a poem, story or anecdote inspired by this word. Please create a pingback to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See […]PURCHASE…… Continue reading Purchase – Word of the Day Challenge