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When not able to go to Denmark, let Denmark come to you!

I have been waiting for Druk (”drunk” in English) for a long time, now. The filming of new Danish movie starring Mads Mikkelsen had been delayed, back in May of 2019, when the director’s daughter was killed in a car accident. Ida was Thomas Vinterberg’s 19 years old girl, and was supposed to play one of Mads Mikkelsen’s charactor’s children in the movie.

I don’t know too much about the movie, because I want to be surprised when I finally see it, but in short, it is the story of four friends, all high school teachers, who decide to try an experiment involving a constant yet controlled intake of alcohol to see its effect on their professional and personal lives.

Thomas Vinterberg is a legend of the Danish cinema, and with Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Bo Larsen (two of my favorite Danish actors) playing in it, Druk is just a must see for me.

I got my tickets this morning. And unless people are complete *ssholes and we get locked down again, this coming October 18th, I’ll be sitting in my favorite movie theatre, enjoying the show…

*Fingers crossed*

3 thoughts on “Druk!

  1. I just got done watching a series on Netflix called “Borgen.” It was a fascinating political drama about the goings on in the Danish parliament and the Danish news media. I really enjoyed it.


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