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Druk… Take two?


Oh, the dilemma.

Exactly five months ago, I was dancing a happy dance in my livingroom, after buying theater tickets to see the movie the Danish movie Druk. To say that I was excited would be an understatement… I was absolutely thrilled to leave the safety of our apartment for a couple of hours.

But, as I already suspected back then, people were being stupid in Montréal ,and a sudden wave of covid-19 cases happened just before my appointment with my deliciously talented and handsome Mads, and all movie theaters were closed by the governement.

Dang! Dang, dang, dang people!

Theaters have re-opened this week, and yesterday my brother pointed out that the movie was presented in an independant movie theater we like a lot.

Now, I am not the kind of person that likes to remind people of their birthday, but Thursday will be mine, and there obviously will be no surprise party this year. So, my first reflex was to jump on the occasion to get two full hours of never-before seen footage of Mads as a gift. How perfect would that be?? (Did I mention that it is the original Danish version, with subtitles? Awwwww *sigh*)


The thing is that when they re-opened the theaters (obviously before I learnt that Druk was coming to a screen near me), Chéri’s reaction (and mine), was that we wouldn’t be foolish enough to go watch a movie with all the covid variants activity going on in Montréal.

I still think we’d be taking a risk. Not a big one, but still.

So, I’m a bit confused. Should I stay, or should I go? I really, really-really-really want to see the film. But I also don’t want to risk Chéri’s health.


5 thoughts on “Druk… Take two?

  1. Well, you could take mega doses of vitamins for at least 1 week, double mask, and sit apart from people, even if you have to take crummy seats. Go at the least desirable time slot. Maybe the theater is doing temp checks

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    1. Yeah… I think we’ll go 🙂 I already know that the theater is blocking a majority of seats to preserve social distancing. We’ll also keep our masks at all times. Chéri isn’t as big a fan as I am of Mads and Danish movies, but I think he looks forward to doing something ”normal” again 😉 Thank you for your thoughts, Alice 🙂

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