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Skypy… Friday!

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I hope you had a good week. As I announced a little earlier, this week, we’re doing things a little differently. Our little chat session will take place today (in about an hour) and I can’t wait to meet you once more! I’ll be online at 6 pm Eastern time, waiting for…… Continue reading Skypy… Friday!

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You’re invited!

Happy Friday Lovelies! This weekend, I’ll be hosting my Skypy meeting, just not on Sunday. As I have mentionned last week, due to some work schedule changes, I have to move my Skypy party time. It will now take place either on Friday or Saturday evenings… I am still pondering which day would be better…… Continue reading You’re invited!

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Agastopia – Word of the Day Challenge

Our word today is “Agastopia”. Agastopia (n) agg-uh-stow-pee-ah Admiration of a particular part of someone’s body. The visual enjoyment of the appearance of a specific physical aspect of another person. (note:  The specific physical aspect will differ from individual to individual, so no smuttiness implied, necessarily).   I, myself, enjoy a handsome physique in certain men.  Others? […]Agastopia…… Continue reading Agastopia – Word of the Day Challenge