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Lucky three…

  Montreal World Film Festival is a yearly celebration of the best cinema produced all around the planet. It is a wonderful way to discover different cultures, and the different ways to tell stories. I like movies based on real events, and both three movies I watched yesterday were. This kind of films makes me…… Continue reading Lucky three…

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Turning my brain off.

Might sound a little dark, but it really isn’t. As you might have read yesterday, today was my first day of a short vacation. I really needed to give my crazy brain from spinning, and the perfect solution was there for the taking; Montreal World Film Festival! So this morning I made myself a sandwich,…… Continue reading Turning my brain off.

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Who would I be?

It is not the first time I ask myself just that. Yes, I do have existential doubts like everybody else, but this is not it. I just watched (again) the 1966 movie inspired by the 1953 novel from Ray Bradbury;   To make a long story short (many of you might have read/seen it but…… Continue reading Who would I be?

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That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

… or just comment… personally I can’t even put up a gif… freaks me out too much… and she whispers Chucky… via That Movie… — A Momma’s View   My traumatizing movie was Poltergeist… I was 7 years old, and this scene, when the tree breaks in the little girl’s room!!  Woah! It stuck for a…… Continue reading That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

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If you came to Montréal… (10)

Yesterday, my parents came to town for a family day of fun! Summer, in Montréal can be a little tricky… We have bad car traffic to start with, but during the summer months, it gets worse for many reasons. The city takes advantage of the nice weather to make most of the construction work, blocking…… Continue reading If you came to Montréal… (10)

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Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

  I love cinema. Especially foreign cinema. (especially… yes, Danish cinema, how did you know??) Every year, I attend Montreal Film Festival. Two weeks of intense International Cinema immersion. I don’t have anything against American blockbusters, but I know that there are so many gems from all around the planet, that don’t make it to…… Continue reading Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

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  Nikki, from Flying Through Water , is now holding a weekly one-word challenge. This week’s word is “Relax”… Being relaxed is something most people seek, it seems natural to try to avoid stress… What could I possibly write about it, that wouldn’t fall short of interest? And a few minutes ago, as I was going about…… Continue reading Relax…