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Why? Oh why??



I was about to write a little rant about our downstairs neighbours (the great US of A, not my landlords), when I understood that I have been misled by my television. 

I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, when I saw the following trailer:



After about 2 and a half seconds, my brain started to tickle a little. 

That looks familar…

The memories were still a little blurry, but I definately was onto something.

That looks like… Isn’t that… THAT’S TURNER & HOOCH!!

If that doesn’t ring a bell to you, Turner & Hooch (the original) was a movie released in 1989, starring and obscure actor named Tom Hanks. Jokes aside, it was quite a successful movie, and I immediately got appaled.

You are probably aware that the American film industry is very fond of making remakes of movies. And that annoys me greatly. I don’t see why people would want to remake a movie instead of promoting the original either if it comes from another country, or if it was made a long (LONG) time ago. I mean, yes I get it ($$$$), but really, why not be creative and make new movies, instead of buying rights for existing movies, and doing a questionable copy of them?

I am kind of sorry for all the American men and women who’ll see movies based on foreign films, not even knowing about the original. A couple of examples? Yes sure… 




American? Not quite… Based on a very successful movie from Québec, Starbuck.




Nope, not a genuine American movie either. This one is a copy of the Danish movie sharing the same name (Well ”Efter Bryllupet” which means exactly the same).




Such a heart warming tale, right? But as much as I like Richard Gere, this is not an American story. Again, a remake, this time from a (much better, to my opinion) Japanese movie.




Another Japanese movie remade American-style. Personally, I think that the Japanese trilogy is much better. 

But back to Turner & Hooch… I found out that they are making a series out of the (iconic to me) comedy. Not a remake movie. So I appologize, I shouldn’t have judged the trailer so quick. Then again, movie makers (in my opinion) should also re-think making remakes. Original movies hold a lot of references to culture and history that remakes just can’t portray.

But maybe that’s just me?



7 thoughts on “Why? Oh why??

  1. What has happened to creativity? Movie remakes make me go ick. Most of the time I do not watch them. My peeve which is related to this is having remakes of musical hits. At work every so often I zone into music playing and think ‘ah I know this one’ and then…..’wait a sec what the heck? This is not Guns & Roses/Elton John/Police etc. And I would be okay if they put a unique twist on it but they are bland elevator music sounding. UGH 🙂

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