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Why? Oh why??



I was about to write a little rant about our downstairs neighbours (the great US of A, not my landlords), when I understood that I have been misled by my television. 

I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, when I saw the following trailer:



After about 2 and a half seconds, my brain started to tickle a little. 

That looks familar…

The memories were still a little blurry, but I definately was onto something.

That looks like… Isn’t that… THAT’S TURNER & HOOCH!!

If that doesn’t ring a bell to you, Turner & Hooch (the original) was a movie released in 1989, starring and obscure actor named Tom Hanks. Jokes aside, it was quite a successful movie, and I immediately got appaled.

You are probably aware that the American film industry is very fond of making remakes of movies. And that annoys me greatly. I don’t see why people would want to remake a movie instead of promoting the original either if it comes from another country, or if it was made a long (LONG) time ago. I mean, yes I get it ($$$$), but really, why not be creative and make new movies, instead of buying rights for existing movies, and doing a questionable copy of them?

I am kind of sorry for all the American men and women who’ll see movies based on foreign films, not even knowing about the original. A couple of examples? Yes sure… 




American? Not quite… Based on a very successful movie from Québec, Starbuck.




Nope, not a genuine American movie either. This one is a copy of the Danish movie sharing the same name (Well ”Efter Bryllupet” which means exactly the same).




Such a heart warming tale, right? But as much as I like Richard Gere, this is not an American story. Again, a remake, this time from a (much better, to my opinion) Japanese movie.




Another Japanese movie remade American-style. Personally, I think that the Japanese trilogy is much better. 

But back to Turner & Hooch… I found out that they are making a series out of the (iconic to me) comedy. Not a remake movie. So I appologize, I shouldn’t have judged the trailer so quick. Then again, movie makers (in my opinion) should also re-think making remakes. Original movies hold a lot of references to culture and history that remakes just can’t portray.

But maybe that’s just me?



10 thoughts on “Why? Oh why??

  1. What has happened to creativity? Movie remakes make me go ick. Most of the time I do not watch them. My peeve which is related to this is having remakes of musical hits. At work every so often I zone into music playing and think ‘ah I know this one’ and then…..’wait a sec what the heck? This is not Guns & Roses/Elton John/Police etc. And I would be okay if they put a unique twist on it but they are bland elevator music sounding. UGH 🙂

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