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And my body said ”No!”

. Yesterday was one of the rare days when Chéri and I are both off from work. We usually take advange of it to do our shopping, or pending chores. But Chéri suggested that we went to the cinema to see the latest film starring my all-time favorite Québécois actor (Rémi Girard… Awwwwwwwww). He didn’t…… Continue reading And my body said ”No!”

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Why? Oh why??

. I was about to write a little rant about our downstairs neighbours (the great US of A, not my landlords), when I understood that I have been misled by my television.  I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, when I saw the following trailer: . . After about 2…… Continue reading Why? Oh why??

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Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

  I love cinema. Especially foreign cinema. (especially… yes, Danish cinema, how did you know??) Every year, I attend Montreal Film Festival. Two weeks of intense International Cinema immersion. I don’t have anything against American blockbusters, but I know that there are so many gems from all around the planet, that don’t make it to…… Continue reading Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

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An evening out at the theater…

  “Meet me for the 9 O’clock presentation.” She knew he would know which movie to choose, as she sat in the room. She was a little early, and she wondered if he would come. He hadn’t confirmed, nor had he refused the invitation. He liked keeping his options open. He probably wanted to join…… Continue reading An evening out at the theater…

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Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)

  Day 4 of my film marathon, and today, chéri joined in for three screenings. It is always fun to have a second opinion on the movies I watch, although I also enjoy my solo adventures! I’ll make this short tonight, because I am running out of time, and I am a bit on the…… Continue reading Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)


Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)

  Yesterday was day one of Montréal’s World Film Festival… I was ready! Passport, allowing to see as many movies as physically possible (Thank you Mom!!) Lunch (all non-noise-making snacks to be respectful of fellows movie-watchers) Including sandwich for lunch, sliced peaches and green lentil curry, and a loooot of bottled water! Tablet and keyboard…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)