Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)

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Yesterday was day one of Montréal’s World Film Festival…

I was ready!

  • Passport, allowing to see as many movies as physically possible (Thank you Mom!!)
  • Lunch (all non-noise-making snacks to be respectful of fellows movie-watchers) Including sandwich for lunch, sliced peaches and green lentil curry, and a loooot of bottled water!
  • Tablet and keyboard for in-between movies time. (although we don’t have WI-FI… *sigh*)
  • Woolen vest, because, dang! It is frisky in a movie theater, especially when you don’t have a hand to hold, or a knee to grab… LOL


So, I head downtown, all set to spend all day feeding on the best movies the world has to offer, when, walking in the métro station, I realize my passport is no longer hanging around my neck. I search everywhere in vain… tearing up at the idea of being denied access to my favorite festival of the year!

Just as I am about to start sobbing, my cell phone rings! A métro driver has found my precious pass and left if at another station… I thank my anonymous hero (countless times) and make the detour to get my laissez-passer for 2 weeks of Fantasyland traveling.

So… For this first day, here’s what I’ve seen…


Half of (because of the lost-my-passport detour) “The habit of beauty” (Uk/Italy)

Got in halfway through, but I think I really would have enjoyed the whole movie. The story of a couple torn appart after the tragic death of their son, and getting a new beginning after meeting a young troubled English boy who becomes their surrogate son…


“The apprentice (Çirak)” (Turkey)

The story of Alim, a man living his little routine when he starts developping a fear of accidents of any kind, forcing him to move closer to his job (to avoid using cars). From there, his life takes a turning point.

Special, to say the least. The kind of movie I enjoy because it is so different from Hollywood blockbusters, but I would recommend it with caution. Good acting, good pace in the action, but there’s just an odd aura over the whole film. I truly enjoyed it, but my tastes for movies are often questionned by my friends and family, so…. At your own risks lol!


“Holland camp (Kamp Holland)” (Netherlands)

In Afghanistan, a Dutch soldier opens fire on a young local. The killing unleashes a chain of dramatic events…

I am not usually a big fan of war movies. Not at all… But the story is surprising, showing the complex interactions between people in the army. A battle facing honor and truth. And though I have nothing against them, it was good to see other than American soldiers 😉 On a personal note, I enjoyed listening to Dutch… I understood some of it, resembling Danish a bit.


“Love maybe (Liebe möglicherweise)” (Austria)

A serie of personal stories of people living in the same city… All revolving around the theme of problems to communicate.

An interesting analysis of how we often have problems communicating… Be it in love relationships, or between parents and children. Not one of my favorite movies ever, but a lot of moving scenes, because I think anyone can relate to the characters’ daily life ups and downs…


Just my quick overview of my first day at the festival… I don’t pretend to be any good at analyzing movies.

Packing up for day two… Hoping to discover a coup de coeur 🙂


One thought on “Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)

  1. Hi,
    I travel often. No passport? Scary.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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