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Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)

  I love a good movie… Everybody does! I can’t stand boring movies, but I really enjoy falling upon a terrible put-an-end-to-my-misery movie once in a while! Those are extremely rare, and I got to watch one today!! I don’t enjoy being bored, don’t mistake me! But a mediocre movie is a challenge. I have…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)


Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)

  Yesterday was day one of Montréal’s World Film Festival… I was ready! Passport, allowing to see as many movies as physically possible (Thank you Mom!!) Lunch (all non-noise-making snacks to be respectful of fellows movie-watchers) Including sandwich for lunch, sliced peaches and green lentil curry, and a loooot of bottled water! Tablet and keyboard…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)