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C like me… (A to Z Challenge)

  Again, no! I know Me doesn’t start with C. Moi neither, if you were thinking French. But Cyranny does, and that’s me! And yes, I decided to dedicate this post to me! How narcissistic right? First of all, why Cyranny? Here, in Québec, a lot of people think it is because my name is Anny Cyr. Common name,…… Continue reading C like me… (A to Z Challenge)

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Nombril de semaine… (5)

Mercredi, and time to share a little bit 🙂 I know… I am predictable. I don’t care. These capsules are posted to spread (or try to) interest into posts that I like. And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t include some of Notthedane56 ‘s work. Here’s where a Danish 50th birthday party meets with…… Continue reading Nombril de semaine… (5)

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WP, sometimes you’re a tease!

  That message is hanging there, in between 2 posts in my Readers thread. Either WP just wants me to die of curiosity… Obviously knowing me pretty well when it comes to being curious, or I just don’t get it. I refuse to think that this is absurd because of my lack of WP knowledge.…… Continue reading WP, sometimes you’re a tease!