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WP, sometimes you’re a tease!



That message is hanging there, in between 2 posts in my Readers thread.

Either WP just wants me to die of curiosity… Obviously knowing me pretty well when it comes to being curious, or I just don’t get it.

I refuse to think that this is absurd because of my lack of WP knowledge.

So, what is the difference between “following” and “being a member of”? And how the dang am I supposed to know who to ask membership to, if you don’t give me the slightest clue who posted this?? WP, come on, help me, you tease!



2 thoughts on “WP, sometimes you’re a tease!

  1. I don’t know about Blue Host (I’ll check it out), but I agree that, as annoying as it can get sometimes, I can’t resist the charms of WP. Like having a lover that won’t pick up his dirty socks and/or underwear πŸ˜‰ LOL


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