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Nombril de semaine… (5)


Mercredi, and time to share a little bit 🙂

I know… I am predictable. I don’t care. These capsules are posted to spread (or try to) interest into posts that I like. And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t include some of Notthedane56 ‘s work. Here’s where a Danish 50th birthday party meets with Greek trip recallings;


Linda introduced me to the A to Z Challenge I just started. I thought it would just be fair to share her first post on the way of the rest of the alphabet. Hey, you can’t go wrong with a post about assholes 🙂


Here is a very new Blog in the list of my readings… I didn’t have a lot of time to scroll around  Archon ‘s (I am guessing, since it is Archon’s Den) work, but he made me smile more than once, and here is the post that was my introduction to his universe.


Last, but not least, Saraa is a bubbly young woman that I found while checking out the Meet & Greet parties, last week end! I loved her “You write, I read” idea, inviting Bloggers to propose all kinds of readings. I know, I know, pretty much the same concept as other M & G parties, but it just felt more personal! And Saraa had good words for all the participants 🙂


So go ahead, click and enjoy, spread and/or leave me your own links, and I’ll make sure to visit your Blogs! Don’t forget to “like” when you like, and comment when you have something on your mind… Feedback always feels good, and it is free!!

Bonne semaine!

C xx


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