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C like me… (A to Z Challenge)

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Again, no! I know Me doesn’t start with C. Moi neither, if you were thinking French. But Cyranny does, and that’s me!

And yes, I decided to dedicate this post to me! How narcissistic right?

First of all, why Cyranny? Here, in Québec, a lot of people think it is because my name is Anny Cyr. Common name, but no, not mine! Not even close… I actually took this online nickname years ago, when the Internets worked their way into our lives.

I love the theater character Cyrano de Bergerac. The romantic hero always made a big impression on me, and I can’t remember the number of times I watched the movie version with Gérard Depardieu as Cyrano. (Treat yourself, there are many videos on YouTube) The “disfigured” head of the Gascon Cadets just makes me swoon big time!

I felt like a feminine version of him, less talented in the ways of words, but still. Younger, men seemed to be charmed by what I had to say, but the physical side of things didn’t follow, so it killed many attempts to connect with the opposite sex… So there you go; Cyrano… Cyranny was born 🙂

You know what? I am already tired with talking about myself, so what should I do? Switch to another topic?

Colors? I could propose good adult coloring books (thank you Linda)



California? California used to make me think about casinos, canyons and serial killers (it seems, not judging by actual statistics, but purely on documentaries I’ve watched – and they are many, I know, I’m kind of scary like that! – that California and Florida are fighting to be the best harvest for serial killers…. Beats me why!!)

Now, California has a whole other appeal to me. I find myself dreaming about Half Dome, Sentinel Rock or El Capitan…

Should I go with crotches? It is a subject clearly left aside in clean cut blogs like mine… But crotches are a natural thing, and I don’t see what shame there would be talking about them…

Crotches’ colors? California colors? Californian crotches?

Smells like another failure.

Yup, at least I didn’t post a crotch’s picture!

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