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Mountain man… (Part four)

Previously posted June 11th, 2016   I called your name from the opening of the front door. It was unlocked when I arrived, and that was odd, since you were terrified of strangers breaking in at any time of day or night…  You didn’t respond, which seemed even stranger. I called a second time, almost…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part four)

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Mountain man… (Part one)

Previously posted April 9th 2016.   It’s about 4h21… It’s Tuesday, July 16 1985. You can put that in your notebook. With all the things you wrote down to be sure not to forget, and all the pictures you glued here and there, and all the silly drawings you drew. How many times have I…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part one)

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Controversy at the White House…

I already talked about the new (well not so new anymore, but still as entertaining) American comedy show, Controversy at the White House. Some people have tried to make me believe that this is actually news, I am watching on tv, but I am not that naive! I’ve been fooled in the past, and now,…… Continue reading Controversy at the White House…

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This post contains coarse language…

Oh, my dear American friends… You guys rock at entertaining the world! I admit to being a bit of a black sheep, always looking for good foreign, not North American series or movies. But in general, you’ve pretty much conquered the movie theaters and tv universe. I have been watching this new series, “Controversy at…… Continue reading This post contains coarse language…

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Picture Battle: Momma vs Cyra – The Bikini Question.

Ohhhhh  I know somebody, whose interest just skyrocketed! Women in bikinis… It is that time of year again. Well, not for me, but everybody should be happy about that! And Momma said the forbidden words… Picture Battle And she started it with this: Click here! Click here! Click here! Click here! Now, I just couldn’t let…… Continue reading Picture Battle: Momma vs Cyra – The Bikini Question.

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What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

Pinch yourself! No you’re not dreaming… I don’t usually discuss politics… I have my opinions, but I don’t follow the subject enough to engage in discussions and debates about this or that matter, I leave that to those who like to follow Provincial, National and International politics… I especially don’t know much about American politics.…… Continue reading What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamDonkey and #TeamElephant updates

  Jack has spent a great day in Enid, and is now on his way to Kentucky. And Mr Elephant is now in Tucson!!  If you want to follow the whereabouts of our little friends, visit the official Race’s page: