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Bad neighbour… Bad!!



Dear US,

Just a short note to tell you that I’m not too impressed with you, lately… It sadens me, because I dearly love many of your people. But you’re not being fairplay, and knowing how things are going all around the world, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Yesterday, the news reported that in China, masks ready to be shipped to France, masks that had been paid for, had mysteriously been re-directed to you. I was cautious about pointing a finger at you, because it happened in China, and I was aware that we probably didn’t have all the details. But it looked bad, and rumors had it that you had paid three times the price, cash, to get your hands on the French order. Nonetheless, I gave you the benefit of a doubt.

This morning, 10 000 masks arrived in Montréal from China. The shipping was stored in a DHL building, waiting to be distributed to hospitals. But then, surprise surprise! The order mysteriously disappeared! For some reason, the masks have been sent to Ohio…

Now, I know that you see Canada as this docile, geeky neighbour living upstairs. We might not come as a threat to you, but I would be careful if I were you. Being neighbours doesn’t mean we have to be friends, and if you’re not willing to play by the rules, it’ll come and bite you in the ass someday!

You’re facing a crisis? So are we! And so is France, and all the countries you might have ”stolen” medical products from. What? You’re not the only country doing it? Well, if you are, as you like to claim out and loud, the greatest nation on Earth, you should set an example!

Oh, and before you get a chance to reply, don’t you dare fake-newsing me!

I still wish you all the best, given the present circumstances…

41 thoughts on “Bad neighbour… Bad!!

    1. It is… and I don’t really care about the 10 000 mask that were ”re-directed” today, because we’re still handling things pretty good in Québec… But I am thinking that if this happened with France and Canada, who knows what other countries are going to run short of medical supplies, just because Trump now realizes that the US are in deep s**t? Grrrrrrr…

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  1. This…after numbnuts told everyone in January that there’s nothing to see here and that it was all overreaction and firing a large chunk of CDC epidemiologists and then callously saying things should open back up by Easter. The dude is fucking nuts and, frankly, dangerous to and reckless with people he’s supposed to be protecting. Bashing governors who need help yet aren’t kissing his fat ass sufficiently. Preventing shipments of needed supplies to states whom have a governor that he has some fake vendetta with. I hope all the morons who have orgasms at every tweet dickhead sends out are happy. They have caused everyone great harm, and it’s likely to get worse. Yet he still has no inkling of any reality besides patting himself on the back at every opportunity. This fucker needs to go away, and go away now. Anyone who disagrees can fuck off. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. 😡😡

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    1. No need to appologize, Sonofa-Chacha!

      I am so sorry for all of you, having to find a way to survive (litterally) this crisis basically on your own. I too feel like he is not only not helping in anyway, but he’s making things worse for your whole population…

      It is scary, and it makes me angry that he keeps claiming he’s doing a great job! I hope he has an ounce of well hidden humanity, and can’t sleep at night!

      No matter how well we handle things here, North of the border, we’ll suffer from his wishful thinking, when cities like New York, Detroit and Chicago lose any kind of control over covid-19…

      The world should come together and kick him out… NOW!

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      1. I hope that when we’ll produce tons of masks and ventilators here, in Canada, Justin Trudeau will help you guys… Just to show that we know the difference between Trump and Americans in general!

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      2. We may very well need you to do that exact thing…while numbnuts plays with army men in the corner and ignores the people he’s sworn to serve. Oh, all while showing up every so often to have a little pep rally for his snowflake psyche. You ever seen the film “Animal House”? The scene near the end, after the annual homecoming parade devolves into chaos. Kevin Bacon plays one of the rival frat boys and is on the sidewalk in his ROTC uniform, shouting, “Remain calm. All is well!”. Meanwhile, shits on fire, people are scattering, and he eventually gets trampled in melee. That’s what we appear to be witnessing right now. Hopefully, if karma is real, he’s trampled in the end as well.

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      3. I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ll have to look for it because… Kevin Bacon 😉

        And don’t worry… We Canadians are nice people, and in all honesty, we love you guys. It’s just that your country would be better run by an ape. Or a rock for that matter… LOL

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      1. I’m glad I could express this for the Canadians who are much too polite to throw that kind of thoughts into The Internets… My Latin roots probably make my blood boil easier 😛


      1. Just a note:
        Though I may not agree with you politically…
        I still have the greatest respect for you and hold you in esteem and do not want to leave this without letting you know that.

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    1. Yes… Horrible indeed, because I am thinking about places like France that needed these medical supplies more than us, and didn’t get them.

      But on the upside, we know the difference between US, and US administration…


  2. I also saw this on the news. I have to say that my feelings about the person in the Oval Office are not printable here. When we were still in Florida and I could see he was in denial I knew that the US would pay a huge price for this attitude. People would die because of this. And the thing that really makes me mad is that this attitude will affect Canada down the road. I nearly had a coronary when I heard he had decided he was going to deploy 1000 troops to guard the Canadian border. Well if there were going to be troops they would be facing South to stop Americans fleeing. Anyway seems he changed his mind about those troops. And now, too late , he says CV19 is a very bad thing and many people will die. I remember Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said that Canada being next to the US was like “a mouse in bed with an elephant…no matter how friendly the beast…one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” 😡

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    1. I think our polite Canadian ways tend to make us uncapable to criticize our Southern neighbours. But there’s a limit to anything…

      When Trump announced his will to militarize the border, I was against it. Not because I didn’t want more security (as you said, it would have prevented an American general flee to Canada) but because it would have been hard to de-militarize it later, after the crisis.

      Outbreaks in major cities like New-York, Detroit and Chicago are menacing all the efforts we made. Let’s hope we won’t ruin all the hard work.

      *fingers crossed*


  3. I have never hated anyone before…until Trump. I truly hate him. I wish evil things would happen to him and feel absolutely ZERO guilt about it! This is just one more example of what a total piece of shyte he is! How could he do this? for a normal human it would be horrendously difficult to put a NATION at risk just to make themselves feel better. This POS is willing to put the WORLD at risk so he can feel good about himself. He seemed quite pleased last night when he said ‘thousands would die”……HAPPY! I hate him! And I am so ashamed of my country right now. I have a good friend in Ontario with covid..he’s been alone for three weeks now at his apartment….terribly ill with only one neighbor (also positive) checking on him. The health dept gave him the “you can go back outside” notificaton today..ya know what we did for him to celebrate? WE SENT HIM 20 HANDMADE MASKS. and our damned foolish moronic insufferable EVIL President is stealing masks from you all! I am so angry at the govt I could spit!

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    1. So many people feel like you (like me)… Oh Suze, I feel sorry you get run by a morron!!

      I hope your friend gets well soon, and that when we start producing medical supplies, we will help you guys too.

      Love you, dear Madame Suze… Keep safe and well 🙂 xx


  4. If it helps, they are basing it on the fact on one university study that said face masks are important, compared to a lot of other studies saying they wont help, but they make people feel better.

    However it is very cheeky of him, but its ok because he is “number 1” on facebook

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    1. Well, the problem is that the masks were supposed to go to hospitals, not the population… Here (most) people don’t even bother trying to find masks just to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy, because we were given the same information.

      Hahaha, yeah, being an Internets’ giant does give a lot of power, I guess 😛 But isn’t he ”number 1” period? That’s what I understand from most of his speaches… Then again English is only my second language 😛

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  5. Let’s be honest here…..
    US, big country compared to most countries. Furthermore, the US is the top effected country right now in the world.
    If, any of this is true….the only fault assigned here would be a country that has more cases than any other country in the world, trying desperately to protect it’s people, specifically the health care workers on the front lines of it.
    But let’s also remember that …
    “Both Muselier and Rottner told local news outlets that their regions were not among those affected and that their masks either had been delivered or were on the way.
    The French officials said the competition for protective gear caused delays in shipments to some of the worst-affected areas.
    The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the dependence many countries have on Chinese imports. However, many countries are learning that the much-needed supplies purchased from Beijing are substandard in quality.
    The Netherlands was forced to recall 600,000 faulty masks over the weekend, while Spain returned thousands of shoddy test kits last week. Turkey, Georgia and the Czech Republic are among other countries raising questions over the quality of the supplies Beijing is selling to the world.
    Both the U.S. and France have ramped up domestic manufacturing of medical equipment in recent days to meet the required demand for medical workers fighting on the front lines of the outbreak as stockpiles run low.
    The virus has sickened at least 57,763 people in France, killing 4,032 as of Thursday, while the U.S. death toll climbed to 5,137 amid 216,722 cases – the most in the world.”


    1. So… If I understand you well, the fact that USA is a big country, and the epicenter of the pandemic right now, would be an ”excuse” for getting medical supplies by any and all means?

      Because, don’t get me wrong, I am aware that your country is deep in it. And as your Northern neighbours, that is a scary thing. But I don’t think that it would be a valid reason for the US to acquire medical supplies in wrongful ways.

      I think that most major countries will try to manufacture their own supplies in the weeks to come… I know Canada is already working on it. That will help get over the questionnable quality of asian suppliers, and the worldly shortage… At least I hope so.

      With all this said, I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe, Laura! 🙂

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      1. I’m speaking of practicality only. What isnt being said is WHAT Americans? Government has denied involvement. Are these alleged Americans political or black marketers who Jack up the price? Who knows?
        BUT, practicality says that you feed the a starving child before a plump one, give medicine to the sick man, before the healthy, water the crops that are in famine before those rained on.
        And it’s the desperation.
        If I have a full pantry to feed my 1 child and my neighbor has bare shelves to feed 6, am I a good neighbor to withhold food from them….or, resent them from doing whatever possible to feed their children? OR, a good neighbor to relieve their greater need or at least not resent or judge them for effort?
        Dear neighbor, you have 15,407 cases,
        277 Deaths. This is your need.
        This is the need of your neighbor:
        329,63 Cases, 9,420 Deaths.
        Can you be a kind neighbor?

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      2. Just to be clear, I am judging your government, not American people in general…

        I agree with you’re ”feed the starving” thing overall. I think the same… BUT as bad as things are in the US, unfortunately, you’re not the only country fighting this virus.

        I am absolutely sure that Canada will help the US when we have things under control here. Have we EVER let you neighbours down? I doubt it.

        I am really sorry for the way things are going South… And I feel for all of you, who will suffer because your president prefered trying to keep the economy afloat, over protecting his own people… It sickens me, because I have many dear friends in the US.

        And just to set numbers straight, yes, the comparison might be ridiculous when you put 15,407 cases next to your 329, 630… But there are (roughly) 10 times more Americans, than there are Canadian people… We’re doing better, yes, but we’re, too, dealing with a crisis.


      3. Thank you so much. Hugs, prayers and hope, that you and your family are and remain well. May we overcome these fearful days together and emerge better as human kind, community and neighbors.

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      4. Thank you! Let’s hope for the best… This is probably the greatest challenge we, as human beings, have had to deal with. I hope we’ll all learn from it! xx


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