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Those words that stick… (2)

Haunting words, part 2…


I will force you to…

You can fill the rest of the sentence as you please. I will not reveal what I have been threatened to be forced to do that day. But I promise it was not to eat Jelly Beans, and not to swim from France’s shore to the British coast… You can cross those two options off your list right away! It might have had something to do with rubber crocodiles, steel pipes, or elephant guns, but that’s a whole other story!

Standing across the table that night, I remember how my hands were trembling under the round dark wooden board. We were chatting about all and anything, me giggling as I often did, and suddenly, his eyes locked with mine, he threw me this spine tickling steely gaze, lowered his voice one tone, and told me straight, oozing with sexy confidence…

I will force you to…

I still have butterflies in my stomach, just reminiscing those 5 words. At that precise moment, he probably could have forced me into any crazy plan of his…




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