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D like dream… (the A to Z Challenge)



Dreams actually start with a D, so I guess I can relax, knowing that this post is beginning on a good note! Way to go, girl!

I could have gone the easy way, and chosen Denmark, but I feel it would have been a little like cheating, and taking a day off the Alphabet Challenge. I could talk about Denmark in my sleep, so I thought I’d find something else…

I hesitated on “Dang” which I use a lot… But it didn’t feel quite like the match for today’s post.

So dreams it is…

I am a professional dreamer. I spend (a lot of) time at the office because dreaming hasn’t allowed me to pay my bills yet, but I haven’t given up on that just yet.

Dreams can lie in little things or be huge. You can dream in your sleep and/or allow yourself to daydream… I am into all and anything dreamy. Dreams change, they evolve and morphe as the days go by.

Dreams make you feel alive! Wether you’re 6 or 60 years old, dreams drive you and make you push your own limits, if you let them, that is. Because some people hide behind the fact that achieving dreams is not an easy task. They spend their life hoping for things to happen. But that’s not how dreams come true. You’ll easily recognize that type of people; they’re the ones envying those who work for their dreams.

  • You’re so lucky!

In a large majority of cases, this sentence is wrong. I, for one, don’t feel I was lucky to spend three weeks in Denmark, having the time of my life. I dreamed about it, worked for it, made sacrifices, and totally owned it! There is a quote I always remembered after hearing it in “Masterchef Australia”… Here’s how it goes;


Yeah, dreams are hard to get to come true. That’s the actual point of having a dream.

I am personally at a dream turning point in life. I can’t qualify “going back to Denmark” as my new dream, since I know it is attainable. If I did it, I can certainly do it again, and I will (yeah… you’re not done with me Denmark!!)

So what now, you might wonder… I think that a lifelong passion for writing has brought me to the point where I’d like to find  a way to make more out of it. I don’t want fame, and I doubt I’d ever get rich by writing. But it doesn’t mean I need to keep my writing down to journal-like words dropping.

I must admit that the growing interest you kind readers have seemed to express lately has pushed me to reconsider trying to take my constant typing more seriously. What if…. What if…  What ifs are usually the beginning of a chase for something seemingly impossible.

What if this blog got 200 readers? 500? 1000?

What if it led me to freelance…

What if I tried to e-publish “M”, the chicklit novel I wrote some time ago…

What if I put my mind to write a new novel?

What if…

And what about you? What are your dreams? What dreams did come true for you?

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