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The spiral…

  Running down the spiral stairs, hoping for guards only behind them and not awaiting on ground’s floor. The sound of the military boots deafening, covering any other noise in the tower, even the stomping of their racing hearts… Reaching the second story, he suddenly stopped! Leaving her, nearly bumping on his back. Turning her…… Continue reading The spiral…


Sharing is Caring: Let Me Share Your Post!

Because it never hurts to share 🙂 Dream Big, Dream Often It is time for a brand new share link!  Take a few moments and leave me the link to your favorite and/or newest post and I will add you to the Featured Bloggers segment that publishes each night at 6 pm est. You can… Continue reading Sharing is Caring: Let Me Share Your Post!

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Hello, World!

Yes, with an exclamation mark, nothing less! During the week end, I checked out my statistics a bit. I try my best not to spend too much time worrying about them, because it would surely suck the fun of Blogging out of the Cove for good! Statistics are tricky… When things are going well, let’s…… Continue reading Hello, World!

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International Day Of The Day…

Whut mom? Internationul whut? Whut is internationul? I usually try to cover underdog International Days of the Day. But today, I have to go with the main stream. Because today is International Cat Day! Any cat-owned human being knows every day is International Cat Day, but I guess the International Day of the Day people…… Continue reading International Day Of The Day…

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F like fighting… (the A to Z Challenge)

    Expected F for Failure? Yeah, I know, I am sneaky like that. There’s fighting everywhere in our lives…  You might be fighting for or against number of things or people as we speak. (well not that we are actually speaking, but you know what I mean) You might be fighting for your life,…… Continue reading F like fighting… (the A to Z Challenge)