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International Day Of The Day…


Whut mom? Internationul whut? Whut is internationul?

I usually try to cover underdog International Days of the Day. But today, I have to go with the main stream. Because today is International Cat Day!

Any cat-owned human being knows every day is International Cat Day, but I guess the International Day of the Day people thought it would make puppies sad if they didn’t set just one special day for all those cute furry Fuhrers out there! And we wouldn’t want puppies to get sad, would we?

Today is the day… So get the treats out of the closet, get ready to share anything you’ll eat, and let your furry ball claw anything it might feel the need to greet with its feline scratching!

Make sure to attend your kitty’s every needs… Sleeping and eating! Or eating and sleeping; remember that every cat is different!

Happy International Cat Day!


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