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Easy Trip Tips…

  I love traveling light. Most people I know don’t understand how I manage to leave for weeks with just a backpack. I think the key is to ask yourself what you’ll need during your trip. Not what you think you might need. And believe me, you don’t need that much to get around. As a…… Continue reading Easy Trip Tips…

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The Turtle’s journey… Ribe

Do you like to travel in your head? Do you like pictures? Do you like me?? 😉 Here is Day 11 of my journey through Denmark… A beautiful day spent in Ribe. So join in, and discover DK’s oldest city! The Turtle’s journey

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Want a taste of Denmark?

As a part of my adventure in Denmark, I had started a travel-oriented Blog before I jumped on the plane to Copenhagen, back in May. When I came back, I had to take a pause, being too emotional about everything I had experienced. But I am back at it, planin on working really hard to…… Continue reading Want a taste of Denmark?

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Catching a plane…

Sometimes, I feel special, and the Internets are always there to slap me in the face and remind me that with all the other people crawling on the surface of the earth, my thoughts are never that original… But still… I do suffer from what I call the “migrating bird” syndrome. I have been for years and…… Continue reading Catching a plane…

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D like dream… (the A to Z Challenge)

  Dreams actually start with a D, so I guess I can relax, knowing that this post is beginning on a good note! Way to go, girl! I could have gone the easy way, and chosen Denmark, but I feel it would have been a little like cheating, and taking a day off the Alphabet…… Continue reading D like dream… (the A to Z Challenge)