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It is official…



I didn’t talk much about it, because I simply didn’t want to jinx myself.

But a while back, Chéri and I agreed that we were both comfortable enough to fly abroad again. So we decided to plan our first real vacation since our trip to Australia in February of 2020.

 I honestly would have settled for any destination. Well not any destination, but I would have been open to discover a new country. And Chéri said the magic words… Would you like to go back to Denmark?

Would I?? (the answer is in the question, as we say in French)

As of today, our plane tickets are booked and we made the reservation for our Copenhagen home. Luckily, Chéri is used to my last minute plans by now, and he doesn’t seem worried the least bit about my lack of schedule for the two and a half weeks after that.

We will improvise, because that’s my forte.

I wish I could say I’m excited (and I am, at some level) but I just don’t seem to realize just yet.

May is my favorite time to meet with Denmark. The rape fields are usually in full bloom, and the whole country is so very beautiful, though empty of other foreigners. I still don’t understand why. I’ve been blabbering about how great Denmark is in May for seven years.

Good thing people don’t listen to me 😛

So in about a month, I’ll be roaming around my beloved country, feedind on remoulade, fine cold cuts and amazing cheese,  discovering new places and revisiting old locations, hoping to make friends along the way.

Yes, Denmark, jeg kommer tilbage!

It is official now, and it is very exciting, isn’t it?



9 thoughts on “It is official…

    1. Mouahahahahaahhahaha… True, true my friend. But I keep my Greenland options open for when we’re both available for our fine dinner together 😉 My gown is still waiting for the day we get to boost both our stats with Greenlandic views and likes. Someday we’ll meet there, mark my words 😉 But please be indulgent, it might take some time LOL

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    1. I wouldn’t say I know the language, but I do handle it much better than I used to in my previous visits. And I am sure planing to use my new skills as we travel around the country 🙂 I will try to keep you all posted on my ongoings. And that’s a promise.


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