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Cyranny’s quickie!



If I had 20$ in my pocket, and was visiting your home town for the day… What’s one fun thing you’d suggest doing?


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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Got to a café called “For the Love of Joe” and have a latte and some Korean soup. It is run by two Korean brothers who are twins. the decor is from another era and funky interesting. You can also sit outside and watch the world go by.


  2. Not sure how much $20 is these days, although with the GBP weakening – it is probably around 50p. In my hometown, there are not many commercial attractions, we were pretty neglected in that way and it was a source for constant grumbling that we were an impoverished town with no investment and nothing to keep kids from getting into trouble and heading down the road to being crooks.

    However, we loved the area we lived in. I would suggest making sure you have your walking boots because the countryside around our town is amazing, and there are lots of brilliant trees for climbing. The surrounding villages all have quaint tea-rooms and you can buy a pot of tea and buttery toast for around £2. Carry on walking and find the hidden lanes that take you through glens, following the stream hidden deep under towering green canopy. After walking all morning, there buy wither a binlid bap with a choice of sandwich filling – I used to like the cheese and spring onion salad myself, my sister Milly liked mushroom and sweetcorn, Mandy liked coronation chicken. Time to carry on walking, and we can keep going all afternoon through miles and miles of green country lanes, passing wildlife reserves, historical houses which have cafes where you can buy afternoon tea. Make sure you are up on Hunters Hill to watch the sunset over the county. After all that walking….and snacking…you will still have money left for fish and chips from the local chippy.


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