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Revamping… Meh!

There seems to be a wind of change blowing in the Bloggosphere, and it made me realize how conservative I am, when it comes to The Cove. Madame Suze started… Ok, she did “break” her previous blog, forcing her to completely revamp the new one. But even before that, she did tend to change her design every…… Continue reading Revamping… Meh!

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Crazy, Aren’t You? – Notthedane56

A bit subjective wouldn’t you think? She told me time and again told me so often she began to believe it herself, “You are crazy Admit it, won’t you?” I’ve met pushy women before, but.. “I would like a second opinion before I jump to any conclusions” She seemed certain in her beliefs she presented…… Continue reading Crazy, Aren’t You? – Notthedane56

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All is fair – Notthedane56

  He stomped on my foot “OW!” I cried, while he just laughed So, I grabbed his nose, and twisted it! “Are you mad?” he yelled but kept his balance He grabbed my blouse with his teeth “Gotcha!” he retorted I kicked him where he lived Yes! Right there! “Hey you!” “That is not fair!”…… Continue reading All is fair – Notthedane56

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Gathering My Courage – Notthedane56

Writen by Notthedane56, pay his new blog a visit by clicking here.   Not unlike a turtleneck tending to stifle all thoughts while choking my style, My courage having eluded most of my fears, attacked the unknown plunging me into utter darkness, She countered me by saying, “It’s your own fault, waiting until it was dark”…… Continue reading Gathering My Courage – Notthedane56

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Like Ivy – Notthedane56

As an attempt to vary the content in The Cove, and to share the words of bloggers I appreciate, here is the first of a possible series of stories from a writer I mentionned several times in my blog, and dear friend too; Notthedane56. Notthedane56’s blog is on pause for the moment, but you still can…… Continue reading Like Ivy – Notthedane56

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The Injustice of Depression

I admit to being biased at times… I can’t help it, knowing Notthedane56 the way I do. But this has nothing to do with it. People who have suffered from depression know it is extremely rare to come across people who haven’t and still can put it into words like this… I just couldn’t not…… Continue reading The Injustice of Depression

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Try as I may, try as I might…

  I just kept thinking about her, but it didn’t mean anything. She popped into my mind, just one time too many. I thought that it was just a time diversion, but why couldn’t it be with someone else for a change? She began to get suspicious. She began me asking, why I kept thinking…… Continue reading Try as I may, try as I might…