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Revamping… Meh!

There seems to be a wind of change blowing in the Bloggosphere, and it made me realize how conservative I am, when it comes to The Cove.

Madame Suze started… Ok, she did “break” her previous blog, forcing her to completely revamp the new one. But even before that, she did tend to change her design every now and then, just for the fun of it.

Notthedane56, who also changes his theme from time to time, went a step farther and even changed the name of his blog.

With the turn of year, Colin went ahead, renamed his site “Welcome to my world” and changed the visual too.

And if I am not mistaken, Lydia also changed her theme, not so long ago…

Now, Biff Sock Pow is considering revamping his place, and it got me wondering. Am I just more conservative than I thought, or am I lazy? Would you like a little change around here, or are you happy with The Cove as it is? Really. I am curious…

I won’t lie. Even if everybody in the room starts chanting “Change! Change! Change! Change!” I won’t do it. Dang! I added the link “Backstreet to Richmond Road” to my top-page menu, and updated my “About” page a little, and I feel WILD! LOL

But still I wonder…


P.S. Do give these people a visit if you don’t know them… They all have great blogs… *wink*


47 thoughts on “Revamping… Meh!

  1. I am most interested in reading blogs where the people are happy with the way their own blog is. If you want fancy stuff, then have fancy stuff. If what you write about is what interests you, then it interests me too. My personal health issues do not allow me to view a lot of gifs and flashy stuff, literally flashing stuff, since I have epilepsy from having gotten electrocuted way back, so I tend to avoid sites where it all crawls all over the place and jumps around, since then I crawl and jump around too and not in good ways!

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    1. Thank you for your insight, Donnalee!

      I would never want to make you do the bacon dance, that’s for sure!!

      I do like the look of my little cyber-nook… I just had some doubts about if people expected change at some point, since I kept everything the same since the beginning 😛

      Always good to read you… I hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 xx

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  2. I’ve thought about redesigning my blog a million times… and I’ve done it but I never follow through and actually update for real. I’ve tried a million themes but I don’t like the features of any of them as much as the one I’m currently using. They all have some limitation or other that I can’t live with. I’ve created new headers… new backgrounds… tested different fonts. I love doing that stuff… But no. It never works for me.

    Also… I’ve been blogging since September 2015 and I’ve made only minor changes since then. I feel like my blog is recognizable at this point and if I change things, it won’t look like it’s ‘me’ anymore… kind of like it’s a brand…

    So, in short (too late), I don’t know if you should change things or not. I’m *super* helpful…

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    1. Oh you just did… I feel like you. And even if The Cove is not a business or anything like it, the visual has become a brand of some sort… If people come and stay now, it must be because they like it… And I like thinkgs as they are… So I might as well keep them that way.

      I don’t have anything against change, though! I think it is fine for others to play around with themes… But I do find changing avatar pictures a bit confusing. LOL

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      1. I hate the Reader so much. What’s the point designing or redesigning your site if no one ever sees it because they read all your posts in the Reader? I rarely use it. I have email subscriptions to all the blogs I read… so I click on the emails and go to the actual blogs. I wish that’s what people did to read my posts, too, but I’m sure tons don’t. It sucks… especially since I have links in my sidebar… and I spent time making my blog look good. 😐

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      2. I go to the Reader occasionally and try to catch up… but I have all my favorites emailed. It IS a lot of email and some days I get overwhelmed. I sometimes have to skip a few… but I do my best. I can’t follow or read everyone who follows me… it’s like 2500 people… lol

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      3. maybe it’s because we like your style, your writing, your humour … keep it rolling, and your avatar is distinctive … I’ve just change to my 3rd or 4th theme, lost track but only changed my avatar once, and nobody knew who I was so change back to my sunflower quickly!

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      4. I love your sunflower avatar!! Everytime I see it popping up, I think “Kate! Oh goody, Kate!” and it goes very well with your blog theme…. I like its summery look! It gives me a break from the harsh winter 🙂 xx

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    1. Merci, c’est très gentil 🙂 Je l’aime bien comme il est, mais la vague de changement m’a portée à me demander si je ne devrais pas le raffraîchir un brin… Je garde ça pour plus tard… de toute façon, je n’ai pas vraiment de temps pour ce genre de changements pour l’instant 😛 Hihihihihih

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    1. Mouahahahahaha I hear you! And The Cove shall not change… Ok, I might add a little neon sign to help people spot it during the night, but nothing more than that 😛


    1. *whispering* Can I tell you a secret? I don’t intend to change at all… I just thought it was a good way to share links to my fellows’ blogs 😉 I’m sneaky like that 😛 And btw, don’t change your blog either, it is great as it is !

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  3. I like yours the way it is. . I only changed mine (from Patreon to WordPress) because I had no traffic there . I am thinking about changing the header on mine and spiffing up some of the info in the boxes when I have time . . but really I’d rather be writing than revamping!!

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    1. Hehehehe… I’m so with you, about that. I’ve been thinking that my “About” page needed to be refreshed a bit for the longest time, but I would always rather write about this or that than get to it… Relooking my whole blog would take way too much of my blogging time 🙂

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  4. They say a change is as good as a holiday but quite honestly sometimes home is the best place to be. People recognise it and feel welcome there. I’ve hardly changed the look of my blog since it began nearly three years ago. For me, yours is great as is. 🙂💕

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    1. Thank you Miriam 🙂 I agree, The Cove IS my home away from home, so it should stay cozy and comfortable… I really like the design of your blog too… Soft, clear… I wouldn’t change a thing about it! 🙂 xx

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  5. I LOVE the cove and will be absolutely heartbroken if you make any big changes! I know where to find stuff and those cliffs overlooking the sea make me feel safe and secure..not to mention that it is beautiful. Besides…you might do what I did and destroy the blog! Then where would be be?

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    1. Thank you, Madame Suze 🙂 You’re so sweet!! I did consider the “breaking my blog” factor, and it did scare me, ever since you broke yours… I am more than capable to do the same… So it’ll stay as is! xx


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