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Knew you never…


Love, you taught
me the art of
Masochism… For
I’d rather suffer
forever than to
forget and feel
like I knew you

18 thoughts on “Knew you never…

  1. I have to quote another antipodean this morning (before William does)

    Break my body, with the back of your hand
    Doesn’t make sense from where I stand
    Baby, baby why you wanna mess it up
    Sooner or later I’ll find my place
    Find my body better fix my face
    Please don’t ask me
    How I’ve been getting off
    No, please don’t ask me
    How I’ve been getting off

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    1. Is this my silly French roots misunderstanding, or are you riding the kinky road today, good Sir? 😉 Nice take on my little poem! I always enjoy the read… xx


  2. Or I could wade into very dangerous territory (in the name of artistic freedom) with ….

    What do I make of our one-night tryst?
    ‘Twas a hurried coupling with a twist
    You took a swing
    Wish you’d missed
    Placed me on the offenders list

    So baby I’ve been a masochist
    From that moment we first kissed
    Is there a way we can co-exist?
    ‘Cause I felt your heart
    Before I felt your fist

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