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Help me to help — Therapy Bits

Hey there, you Lovelies!! I am at the office, and working alone… I can see the messages piling up in my inboxes, and I can’t wait to come and reply to everybody, but I still have a couple of hours to spend here, and I might not be much of a chatter until I am…… Continue reading Help me to help — Therapy Bits

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Are you mocking me?

  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about this daily newsletter that provides me with a word du jour. (If you missed it, you can catch up here.) Some of the selections I got so far were popinjay, logomachy, spavined and vespertine. I was satisfied with the service provided, and happy to learn a…… Continue reading Are you mocking me?

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Midnight musings… Barefooted, loose haired, open hearted and well wishing. Free. So vulnerable, yet so brave… wandering under the stars, chasing dreams with a fishnet. Free. Chanting your name to the full moon, being one with the night. All alone just the same… Free. Looking for the key, for the answer, for the journey that…… Continue reading Musings…