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Are you mocking me?



A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about this daily newsletter that provides me with a word du jour. (If you missed it, you can catch up here.)

Some of the selections I got so far were popinjay, logomachy, spavined and vespertine. I was satisfied with the service provided, and happy to learn a little more about the English language. Some other days, I got slightly less unusual words, like synchronicity, nebulous and instauration. I knew them, but hey, I like words, and I hang around with Biff Sock Pow, so maybe I just had a better vocabulary than I had thought?

Now, this morning, as I was still shaking the night away from the corner of my eyes, I opened my tablet to check my messages, and get my word of the day.


I was highly disappointed. I closed the email, gave it a second chance and clicked again… Nope! There it was, mocking my knowledge of the English language. I felt annoyed, cheated, almost insulted.


Really? Of all the words available, you couldn’t find anything better??? I was so puzzled that I checked out the definition anyway, just in case there would be a twist. Maybe, just maybe, “nuts” had a meaning I didn’t know yet…

  1. Enthusiastic, keen.
  2. Insane, crazy.


Meh. I don’t care if you word-picking people had a party yesterday night and all suffer from a terrible hangover today. It is not my fault if you had a fight during your daily brainstorming session, and couldn’t agree on a better selection. And don’t even think about blaming this on some writer’s block excuse. You’re not making anything up! You have the whole dictionary to choose from!

Now, I’m giving you a second chance. But if you feed me table or lightning tomorrow morning, I’ll cancel my subscription!


13 thoughts on “Are you mocking me?

    1. Oh, Donnalee, I so hope that was their point, because if they are running out of interesting words, I’ll complain… LOL I’ll try to run tomorrow’s word backward if it isn’t at least unusual 🙂 xx


      1. And they hate people who regularly switch from one language to another even more… I very rarely send text messages on my phone because of that… If I write in French, my phone insists that I put English words, and if I switch to English, it pretends to only spell French….. Ughhhh!!!!!!

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