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Just a note…

It is an exhausting week… I just wanted to mention, for those who might have noticed it, that yes I am a little slow to answer since the beginning of the week. Days are long, and busy.  I try to keep up with my posting, but I might take longer than usual to get back…… Continue reading Just a note…

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It’s time to vote! — Last day

Yes, this silly contest is coming to its end! So far, #5 is leading with 7 votes, followed by #2 (4 votes) and #3 (2 votes). Tomorrow, I shall announce the big winner of this on going race! And then, I’ll take action to have two flags made out of the victorious design. You haven’t…… Continue reading It’s time to vote! — Last day

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Guest Barista at Go Dog Go Café !

Now, this is exciting to me! It is my first official publication, and I am proud to say that one of my poems is featured today at Go Dog Go Café! I think it is funny to be a guest barista, when I don’t drink a drop of coffee myself… Mouahahaha I’ll leave you to…… Continue reading Guest Barista at Go Dog Go Café !

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Night crawler…

  Black crow lipstick… Moonless night darkness, draped around her hips… Sweet longing temptress. Every man’s dream, and every man’s nightmare… She would make you go crazy, if she dared to care. But care she does not, for she knows way better than to let someone tame her untameable tempers. Black crow lipstick… Moonless night…… Continue reading Night crawler…

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Your pick, Darling – #1MinFiction

  She was excited. After years of dodging the bullet, he’d finally come with her… What would he prefer? Drama? Comedy? A classic? There were so many plays to choose from… He sighed, already wondering why he had agreed. Your pick, Darling… I just won’t take Noh for an answer!       This is…… Continue reading Your pick, Darling – #1MinFiction