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Tell me, I’ll tell you…

  I’ve had a little problem, lately. I am sure I am not the only one! I follow a lot of you, and the list only gets longer as time passes by. I try to read as many of your posts as I can, and I know I am missing really good ones, due to…… Continue reading Tell me, I’ll tell you…

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At the Café – #1MinFiction

  What he overheard almost made him choke on his sip. ‘… I swear, he went crazy! He wants it everyday, for hours, untill I am panting and sweating from every pore! Again & again… I tell you! I’m exhausted.’ Pausing to drink… ‘But it was my resolution too. And the gym subscription has been paid…… Continue reading At the Café – #1MinFiction

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Good luck with that!

  Caught this on my way back home, a little after midnight. I’m pretty sure that’s just a snowbank in front of the white car, but who knows? #WinterFun   P.S. yes, I’ll give you a break with my snowy pictures… As soon as Mother Nature stops sending shitloads of it!