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After Eight Moments…


Parking Post-Storm Montréal style…



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11 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

      1. No offense taken, I’d think the same if I were you 🙂 Plus during summer, there are so many things to do downtown…. Definately have to come during summer if you visit us someday 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve seen my ‘If you came to Montréal’ posts (I haven’t done one in a while, mostly because I don’t go out as much during winter) but if you look them up, you’ll see a bunch of pictures of the city at its best 🙂

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      2. Right on! I’ll check ’em out. I love big, vibrant cities. Though I don’t miss living in one. Well, actually, I do miss living in New Orleans. But I’m spoiled with rural living at this point. 😃

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      3. I totally understand 🙂 If it wasn’t that jobs in my field are usually available in cities, I’d enjoy to live in a less crowded, more quiet place… But hey! I enjoy the good sides of the big city while I stay here 🙂

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