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After Eight Moments…

I don’t mindWinter’s coldness.Your arms areThe warmestSweaterThere ever was…These goosebumps?Just a Braille Reminder for yourWandering fingertips.Love notes waitingTo be readOn my skin…   If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired; The view from my window, after a very sticky snowfall.

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Want snow?

A couple of days back, the weather people got really excited. Their enthusiasm suggested the blizzard of the century, and a great part of the population started anticipating the snowstorm. See, usually, when mid-January comes, most Quebecers are absolutely sick of dealing with snow. But we had a record winter this year, and aside from…… Continue reading Want snow?

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Who’s your daddy?

Translation: ”Snow (pointing to the left), thanks!” When you live in Freezingland, you just have to show snow who’s the boss. Note that, being Canadians, we make sure to stay polite, even when we tell the white stuff where it belongs…

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  Blacks and whites Blending into greys…Winter’s quite the mystery,Wouldn’t you say?Trying to grasp The very soul of the storm,Riding on the highwayFar away from home…Staring the beast in the eyes,As it might occur.I suddenly feel uncannily familiarWith that untamed blur…  

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Mr Frost is back!

It was meant to happen. We’ve been spoiled with an amazing summer, and I believe that Mr Frost heard about it. He probably thought ”Oh, you guys had a nice summer, eh? Let me scrap your warm and fuzzy memories!” Now he’s back. And taking a (rare) walk to the convenience store, I came across…… Continue reading Mr Frost is back!