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If you ever doubted…



I’ve often complained about Freezingland’s winters.

In all honesty, I’m just being whiny about it, because quite frankly most of us are used to the cold. We don’t enjoy it, but we can stand it. And here’s the proof.

Chéri and I were just going to the shopping mall to get a few things when I spotted this woman in the parking lot.

It was only 2 Celcius degrees in Montreal, meaning 35,6 F.

Still this lady strolled around in a tank top, as if Summer was here.




We’re true fighters, if not Vikings.

3 thoughts on “If you ever doubted…

  1. If there’s one thing living in Wisconsin has taught me, it’s that there is no day so cold that I won’t see someone walking around in shirtsleeves and/or cutoffs and/or flip flops. Some people really are impervious to cold.


  2. I went out without socks this morning in a hoodie and spring jacket. I had little slip on runners on but still I think everyone is ready to usher in the warmer weather and to see an end to the storms that have been a steady part of this winter for us. And the snow in front of my window totally melted away!!!! ) PS I was going to say maybe she was a woman of a certain age but clearly she is a young woman not suffering those hot flashes. )


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