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Bons baisers de Montréal…



Here in Freezingland, ”cold” is not good enough a reason not to party.

But I must confess, when my good friend G invited me to go to Montréal en lumière, I hesitated. I was warm and comfortable at home, and not really in the mood to leave my cozy cocoon.

No thanks, I need some rest” seemed like a good excuse to stay in my favorite pjs. But G is a great gal, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to have some precious one-on-one time with her to chat. Plus, I love last minute plans. They are my favorite.

So, I finally agreed,  dressed as an onion (layers is the key, when you want to keep all of your limbs), and we headed for downtown.

Montréal en lumière is a festival celebrating our harsh weather, and believe me, the event is well-worth the tingling in your toes.  I’ll fill you Lovelies in with the details later, during the weekend. But let’s just say (for now) that, as seen on the above picture, the purple lighting, the warm spicy cider and the good company spelled out ”perfect evening”.

We chatted,  chatted some more, had a bite, drank a warm soothing drink (or two), jiggled our butts to the dj’s music.

We had loads of fun.

And then, we headed back home.

All in all a jolly good evening. Much better than if I had stuck to my lazy instincts….

Thank you G!

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