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Highway museum…

. Run your fingers Through my hair… If you need a runaway ticket,I’ll be there!Let’s pack up lightFor a road trip to nowhere,Just you and meOur whispers and our stares.And while you driveI’ll giggle and captureThis highway museum’sVery best pictures…Immortalizing everyMile we cover,Step on the speed pedalMake the landscape go blurryPlease, my dear Lover!

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Maroon – Word of the Day Challenge

. Today’s Word of the day is Maroon. This word is the contribution of our co-administrator of the Word of the Day Challenge blog, Cheryl, from The Bag Lady. Please take a minute to visit her blog if you don’t already follow this amazing Lady! If you want to participate, create a pingback to link […]…… Continue reading Maroon – Word of the Day Challenge